Multiple UFOs in the sky above Michigan in United States 11-Sep-2011

UFO sightings – New video of unknown objects in the sky above Michigan in US. This footage was taken on Sunday, 11th September 2011.
Witness report: Multiple straight-line cylindrical-shaped, vertical flames traveling either in formation or individually MI, US
We were getting ready to close up the house for the evening and looked out our front picture window to witness these cylindrically-shaped, vertical self-contained flame/fireball objects slowly traveling from a south-west to a north-east direction in a straight line just above the treetops. They appeared to look like big vertical hot air balloon flames only without the balloon, basket or accompanying noise. They were travelling in groups and/or triangular formations as well as singularly…all in the same path together, one right after the other. We were shocked and confused because we couldn’t figure out what they could be…there is no physical, logical, atmospherical, meteorological or military explanation that we’re able to conjer up. We ran in and grabbed our brand-new camcorder to try to capture as much as we could on video. The best perspective we were able to capture was the one we got showing the three of these independent, non-connected cylindrically-shaped balls of flames travelling together in a triangular-shaped formation. We watched them slowly travel away from us and then gradually just fade away into the clear night sky. Unfortunately, we haven’t owned our camcorder long enough to get a really great shot for posterity as you can tell from our photo date saying “Sept. 12, 2011” when it actually was the evening of September 11th. We are in complete and total awe!
Author (source: thtruthNamaste and mufon)

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  1. I saw some lights just like that a few months ago. They were going up from Long Beach, CA. I was about 5-7 miles away. They move very slow and kept going up until out of sight. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i saw some in the downriver area the same day im assuming maybe a scout not sure but it was a bright sloid red firey thing that was at least a mile my whole family witnessed the thing flying as we had a family reuoin type bbq that day but it al;l reality i know i was not the only person that could have seen the thing and no it was no candle as i said before this thing was about a mile mile half

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