Mystery Explosion in Argentina Kills 1, Injures 9 26-Sep-2011

“The causes of the explosion in Esteban Echeverría, in which a woman died and nine others injured, are still unknown and still being investigated by police.”

A compilation of news clips from Argentina about the incident. Was it a UFO or a meteor?

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  1. It was part of the UARS satellite. I have friends in Bueno Aires and the news today (27th)are broadcasting this thesis. Another satellite is coming down in early November. I guess NASA is in trouble right now. The statistic of 1:3200 (casualties) just failed.

  2. agreed, that is most likely UARS. Perhaps that's they say they coulnd't track it, total B.S, and now say they do know where it crashed, as well as " We may never know". Also Your chance of being hit was downplayed "1 in a trillion…"that's because we all, the world, had the same chance. The real figure to mind was "there's a 1 in 3,200". Very scary

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