Notable Increase in UFO Reports

According to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an organization that tracks UFO reports, sightings are prevalent in summer 2011 with notable increase in number of sightings for the past six weeks.
The increased number of sightings could make one wonder if the Earth is on the midst of an alien invasion, or people are just too anxious to spot and report strange things they found in the sky. 
The director of MUFON International, Clifford Clift, however said that he is not sure what to make of the data at this point yet. The reports could be a start of something big, a computer glitch that counted double some reports, or it could mean that we are in the point of a “UFO flap.
One of the reasons UFOs might appear in flaps is that objects in the sky, especially when they appear over urban areas are usually seen by many people. Since it is typically far enough away from someone’s view, people cannot see details or get sharp photos. This will trigger hundreds or even thousands of reports. Reports of same object, a plane, a comet, or an extraterrestrial spacecraft will probably differ according to the perspective of the reporter. 
It is imperative to know how UFO reports were categorized whenever there are hundreds of reports noted in a state during a given period because it could mean that one UFO was sighted by hundreds of people, or hundreds of different UFOs were sighted by single individuals. 
There are also psychological and social explanations on the increased number of reports. The phenomenon is called “priming.” Since people read mysterious things or see them at television shows, interest about them spreads from person to person. It is likely that people tend to look at the sky more often and notice for the first time lights and objects that have always been there. 
It may not be true that UFOs are actually appearing more often, instead, people are noticing them more. 
One possible reason why UFOs be seen more often in the summer months is that people spend more time outdoors and have the opportunity to notice things in the sky.
This is not the first time and definitely would not be last that UFO reports have increased. Reasons for the increase in sightings remain to be seen. (c) 2011
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  1. Om våra besök av det rymdskepp på det Terra jorden och det Solen Tell, Det med den showen kommer att öka för det En lite närmarare kontakt än den nuvarande, för kan vi då se då vad det blir för kontakt. Det blir observationer tusentals o så<br />tolkningar det går över det sagan över namn på platser och sånt .<br />Mikel Det vänligen EAW

  2. Or your suffering from the same phonomenom as i have. Its called I want to believe syndrome. Makes us forget all the other logical reason we have sightings like this. Allow me explain, and share my results. <br />Earths magnetosphere is very weakened right now. You can look it up, I personaly like proffessor kaku&#39;s explanation. The magnetosphere is weak, and were going into probably one of

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