Huge bright UFO over Quito, Ecuador – September 2011

Latest UFO sightings – This red unidentified flying object was seen and recorded hovering in the sky above Quito in Ecuador, stationary for about 3 hours when it suddenly disappeared. Filmed this month (in September 2011).

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  1. It can't be the moon because it remained stationary. I did notice how it lit up the clouds, so it seems like an independent source of energy. I agree, nice video and convincing.

  2. I agree… this is a nice video. However, this behaves like a large lantern with a road flare-like fuel source. Its slow gentle movement also lends me to think that it is nothing more than a lantern.

  3. I keep wondering Why people are making so many tacky videos of UFOs they have seen, what is the point?, everyone with any IQ at all KNOWS they exist.<br /><br />Many are from our secret government, the others are from elsewhere…<br />Didn&#39;t the phoenix citizens figure it out yet, that is one of ours…

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