Remarkable fast lightship over Ueki, Japan 11-Sep-2011

UFO videos – New footage of fast bright craft making 180° turn in the sky above Ueki in Japan. This was filmed on Sunday, 11th September 2011.

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  1. Either fake or due to the time lapse way it was filmed, and being a Pilot of 40 years, looks like a Plane turning from a left downwind leg to Final, and landing.Kumamoto Airport is to the ESE and that corelates with the Sun in the Video. Thanks

  2. How BOGUS! it&#39;s obviously a plane circling in for a landing which you have filmed and sped up the video–you forgot about the clouds and the bird that flies across the near field of the video. <br />you&#39;re an A-hole fool! too bad some fools will think this crap is real.

  3. The video looks like it was sped up because the clouds were moving faster than usual. So, if you watched the video in real time the ufo would be going really slow. If that existed why didnt the user show that instead; or even a still of it. I think its fake.

  4. It called time lapse photography. Its a video created by taking many still photos. Each exposure last about half a second then all are put together to make a movie. The object is just an airplane making a 30 degree turn. Where do they see 180 degrees?

  5. Its clearly a time lapse video, you can see the traffic light in the bottom right hand corner blinking red to green. Its probably just a bird.

  6. most comments on here say its a plane, definitively agree, time lapsed into airport, don&#39;t even know why i am even wasting my time replying to this, there is good honest stuff out their, be honest to yourselves and get real

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