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Your UFO reports:  4th September – 11th September 2011
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Lolita tx , 2 hrs south of Houston – 9/10/11
Apporximately 2130 (1030pm) me and my family spotted two ufos , the first was orb in shape displaying blue red green and white lights , the second was shaped like a T that shifted in shape ,from a orb into a t and back again , the two the disappeared 30 mins later
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St.Augustin Florida, Back yard – September, 10 2011
I was laying in my bedroom, watching Mr.Deeds, and my dad yelled at to go downstairs and open the backdoor. I did , and there were lights in the sky formed in this shape : . .
. . . .
I really am interested in , ufo’s and what exactly is inside of them flying it, are they like us or like aliens? Did they come from a different galaxy ? or planet ?
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Mesquite, Texas – 9-10-2011
Sat. night @ 7:40 pm, second night in a row, we have seen a shiny bright white, round object in the southern sky, almost overhead. We saw this object on Fri, same time, but more overhead. I bird watch and had binoculars with me, I thought at first I was seeing an unusually bright planet in the early evening sky. It was trully out of the ordinary, my wife and I were very excited to see this as we have not seen anything like this planet before. As I pulled out my telescope it disappeared before our eyes. I would not have believed what I saw except my wife was there and saw it too thru the binoculars.
We came out again this evening,same time,and it appeared suddenly for a second or two then just faded quickly away. A second or two later it reappeared for a second or two then just faded away. It was the same shiny, bright white round object. It did not appear to move either time as we were watching. There was a star just coming out near by and it was much larger and brighter. We could not believe what just happened. We hope to see it again on Sun. and this time I’ll have a camera ready!
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Pinckney, Michigan – 09-10 2011
Standing on my back deck admiring the bright moon, I saw a formation of three lights that were at the 2 o’clock position off the moon. I was facing E.-S.E…. The time was 9;02 PM. the lights moved closer together from a cressant formation to a single larger light, then one small light broke off and shot due East at an extreme rate of speed, then disappeared. I tried to get a picture with my phone cam but could not get a focused shot. These lights were clear and large enough to be seen with the naked eye.
Rick C.
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Maaseikersteenweg, Lanaken Grens Smeermaas/Maastricht – 10-09-2011
Big, very bright, orange light flying at medium speed, appearing in direction Maastricht and disappearing(maintaining speed) direction Neerharen.
Standing outside around 21h, mother saw it too and my brother took pics with his cellphone, any one else? What was that??
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Oradea, Romania – 10 september
in 10 september, Oradea, at 9:40 pm a huge fireball was seen from west to east, about 1 minute. at 10:05 pm 2 huge fireballs of same kind were seen. it may be related to NASA’s UARS.
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Hamilton MD 21214 (Maryland) – 9/9/11
This is an old report for what I saw on St. Patric’s Day 2010 because I am not sure if I filed a report on this site. I have not seen anything like what I saw on that day before or after the incident. I was standing in the kitchen at my grandmother’s house and my dad yelled for me to come outside. I went outside and I immediately got a feeling of fear after what I saw what he was yelling about. The fear gradually went away and changed to a sort of awe. What I saw can only be best described as a “transformer in the sky”. This thing was IMMENSE. My senses were working on full alert and for as big as this thing was, it made no sound. The really funny part is that it looked like I could throw a rock at it until I noticed how far out the thing actually was. The “mothe! rship” as I call it was not the only thing up in the sky that day. There were multiple triangle shaped craft flying around in formations and what it looked like to me, attaching themselves to the mothership. From where I was standing, I can clearly say it was daytime, beginning of dusk, and blue skies. The crafts were traveling in a north/northwest direction. It happened so fast, I only had maybe about 2 minutes of viewing time, if that. Unfortunately, I had no camera on me and I was not about to let this thing out of my sight to go look for one. I have never seen anything like this and I would greatly appreciate any feedback or any other reports of similar craft around that date in my area.
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Escondido, California USA – September 8, 2011
Sitting on our porch around 9:00 p.m. during a county-wide electrical power outage, an orange, peanut shaped (positioned up & down) & what I thought was a helicopter-object appeared north in the sky & proceeded south on a “normal” flight approach to McClellen Palomar Airport in Carlsbad, Instead of proceeding west. The craft turned east & very quickly gained elevation. It proceeded east & was just north of the planet Jupitor when it’s lights blinked twice & it disappeared then appeared (minutes later) to our northwest, but disappeared very quickly after flashing it’s lights.
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Bastrop, Texas – 09-08-11
5:07 am, Central Standard time. From North to South flight path. Moving very fast, but no sound, only about 1000 ft. off ground at the most. Perfect triangle, with hash mark lines of lighting near tips, barely visiable, was just an off chance I saw, (was laying in hamock looking straight up and in front of me)Phased in and out, almost like it might have been a hologram in the air. Can we do that now?
I have seen every kind of air craft known to fly in both day light and night sky, this was nothing like it, It was moving to fast, and there was No and I repeat no sound. I had my cell phone, but there we no way to grab it in time, this thing was there and gone in an instant.
Very steady flight path. no increase or decrease in speed, that could be observed. I am posting this, to ask, am I the only one who saw this thing in the sky over Bastrop.???
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Chicago, Illinois (near Lake Shore) – 9/7/11
Last night I was staring out my window on the 13th floor of my building watching planes fly in the sky. Well, after about a minute as I was watching one plane fly over Lake Michigan, I saw a dark flying object come from the opposite direction extremely fast. I watched it until it went out of view for about 6 seconds. It had no lights to it. It wasn’t a bird, it was some kind of object flying very quickly. To say the least, it was VERY weird because I am really skeptical of these sorts of things but this situation intrigued me enough have the need to report it somewhere. I don’t know where to look to see if anybody else here in Chicago spotted the same thing. My description of this scenario sounds vague, but all I can say is that it was extremely strange…
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Schutzen Park Davenport, Iowa – September 7, 2011
6:28 p.m. CST Myself and two friends looked up to see what was unmistakably a circular, grey, metallic-colored object floating very high above us. We watched it idle in it’s position for several minutes before it took off very quickly.
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Germany – 7th September 2011

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Morenci, AZ over Copper Mine – 8/06/11

While driving I noticed an unusually bright led looking light above me near hwy 191 at around 11:45-12:20am. At first I thought it was just a star, but as I watched it for almost 30 mins it would get brighter as it came closer then would dim as it flew further away. It was a bright orb shape and it moved incredibly fast! So fast I couldn’t take a decent picture. It was so not a plane as it had unusual movent not of anything from this world. As I followed it, it seemed to notice and took of fast! This isn’t the first time I have seen this type of UFO. I spotted one back on Aug.29th just avove my house. Same type and color. They seem to like the mine and our interested in something here.
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Virginia Beach, Virginia – September 6 2011
At approximately 12:58a.m. I heard a loud humming or buzzing sound. It was so loud that it was hurting my ears. I got up went out the door to see what it was and behind me was a giant pulsating ship with weird blue lights it flew really high over my head it was going extremely fast. When it flew over it created wind that was at least or close to 40MPH. It scared the hell out of me. I know it wasn’t a plane it was nowhere near the same sounds I’m used from the jets that fly over everyday. This object made a sound that pierced your ears and it hurt my brain went it was flying over. Even before I went outside and seen it. It was hurting my ears the buzzing,humming like sound was really something. I don’t own a camera but I know what I saw it was scary and amazing at the same time.
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Los Angeles- Hancock Park neighborhood (near the intersection of LaBrea and 1st) – 08.06.11
Around seven o’clock tonight I was out walking my dog, I passed two other dog walkers and one of them asked my opinion on something in the sky. Initially directly under the moon, it seemed to slowly drift to the left of the moon (west?) and slightly closer to Earth. It appeared to be too high for a helicopter, was not following a clear flight pattern, and was slow enough to be considered meandering. It had no lights on it and almost looked like it could have been a lost blimp (but, how high do blimps go and are they visible to the naked eye, at such a height?) i suggested this to one of the women, but she stated (an observation i hadn’t shared, for fear of appearing hysterical) that it had a v-shape…like a stealth bomber. a few minutes later, almost at my apartment, i saw a large mili! tary-type cargo plane, but could not get an accurate view of it.
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Latrobe, Pennsylvania – 6th September 2011
I was getting ready to go home, and i was with my boyfriend outside. It was about 8:45 and we were both looking at the sky, and too the right there was a mass of cloudcover, and to the left was spotty clouds. As we looked into the sky, we saw a tiny sparkling object very high up, and then it dissapeared. Out of nowhere, just a little left to the cloud cover, a bright white light appears (almost randomly), and zooms into the cloud cover. We both looked at each other, and we knew, that wasnt anything earthly.
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Roma (Acilia), Italy – 06 September 2011 at 10.40
[direct translate from Italian] sightings of flying objects bright spherical in shape, were at least 11 or 12 items, but may be as high piu.volavano very high, appeared one at a time, with a distance of about 5-10 seconds of each other. flew with two apparently different speeds, with a constant speed, and flew straight, but not in the line, roughly in the direction from north to sud.Mi started to look on the Internet if there was a similar sighting, and I must say that almost were almost equal to those of South America # Parinacota, sighting on Aug. 21, 2011 #. I tried to resume with phone, but you see almost nothing, because the sun, because of unexpected surprise, now step to help compiuter hoping that, just I can load the video.
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North Port, Florida – 9-5-11
On sept 5th 2011 I was taking photos of the sky and when I looked at the photos I saw what looks like a trianglar UFO. And another of what looks like 2 suns in the sky.

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Staten Island, NY heading towards Brooklyn, NY – September 5th, 2011
My parents just saw what they thought was a large slightly glowing balloon with a bright orange flame coming out of the bottom of it. It was moving near the south shore of Staten Island and was moving towards the direction of Brooklyn (approximately Northeast). It made no sound and was moving too fast to be an actual hot-air balloon. My mom thought the flames would eventually burn the strings off the balloon, but this did not happen, and it just kept moving at a steady pace. She also thought it was moving way too fast to be a balloon considering there is no wind out now, and it was moving in a different direction than the wind was blowing anyway. My dad is ex-military and said it was one of the strangest things he ever saw. He does not believe in extraterrestrials or UFO’s, so this was ! a big statement coming from him. My mom and I have lived in NYC our whole lives, and we have seen a lot of different types of aircraft, but never a hot-air balloon. Very unfortunately I did not see it, but my parents were very startled by it, and do not believe that we are visited by aliens from another planet. It was strange to see them so affected by what they just saw. I felt I needed to post it. The sighting lasted approximately one minute.
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Conception bay south, California – sept 5 2011
three lights in the form of boomerang light up the sky two where at same level and one was about 200 m above on top the first time.Then the second time same three lights light up sky for about three seconds but a fourth appeared way below the others to form a shape of a baseball diamond then jus dissappeared…now these where about 10,000 – 15,000 feet above sea level and where about 10-15 kilometers away over conception bay south ocean..i have never been so scared but curious to know what i had just witnessed.. i had goosebumps and cold chills trough my body especially in my spine and cheecks..i’me a pretty normal person and yes must admit i’d be the first to laugh when reading this stoiry. but sorry i seen something pretty wild that night. for something that lasted less than 9 second! s i have been days thinking and talking about it and still gettin goosebumbs.
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Romford, Essex, uk – 05/9/2011
ive been wanting to join the ufo sighting club for years. ive had five sighting of ufo’s. some small big slow some really fast and diffent shapes all the one’s ive seen has never made a sound and some lights either stay on with bright shining white lights even brighter than a stars. The reason im writing my story today is that iv been up all night watching tham fly over my house once again. this would now be the 3nd time they have actually flow over my house. i tried to record the objects but my camcorder would’nt zoom into the sky propley. But my grandaughter saw them as well. ive seen four diffent flying objests tonight. the sky was full of what looked like 100’s of stars. the largest so called star completed a circle round my house but dropping of little stars and then the litte sta! rs would fall from the object and shine for a few secords and then vanish. so this make’s the 3nd time in 18 months. i feel worried and i feel a fool and concerned i love my god our god i feel gifted in some what way that i can open my mind and take in what i see, i for one know’s that they are out there, i dont know if they really want to harm us but i do beleive that they need to breed. i wonder why??? are they making the whole earth know that they are here and theres even more of tham, the goverment has’nt really got a leg to stand on now that the visiters are HERE, some nights ago lights court my eye from out side my patio i saw four rounded bright lights. i was thinking “ive not noiced that before” ive lived in my house 25 years,anyway the lights was making me irrutable just shining through my window, ive not got an overly large garden but you can clearly see the end of it. i have a shed thats lays on the back fence and a small tree lays just in front and hid! es a small part of the shad, [hope you’s are following me] wel! l! it wa s quite windy and the small tree and the leafs were swinging not to powerful but still i didnt feel comforble that ive not never notice these small lights in my garden. so i went to my patio’s doors and saw that the small lights are coming from the street light at the back of my shed shining through the gap’s of the fance , the funny thing was i was to scard to go out into my back garden still in my hearts of hearts i knew that somethings NOT quite right. the ending of the story is the next day i went out into my back garden to see if what i thought was what i thought! [street lights] what i saw is no gaps in between the tree and my shed totally soild with cement brick and rubble NO light could ever shine through… there is NO way. to this day today NO small lights has been seen again. JUST NEEDED TO TALK ABOUT IT, i have more story’s with witnesses too. need to get a better camcorder….
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Phoenix, AZ (Arcadia area) – 9/5/11
Last night, September 4 at about 11:30PM, I was walking a friend out to go to his car, and we noticed lights in the sky. They were east and north of here,toward Scottsdale. They were circular, and rapidly moving clockwise in a wide circle. At times one would break away and out of the circle, then return to it. Sometimes it appeared that two would be “traveling together” briefly. Because the sky was overcast, there was a hazy feeling to them, as opposed to seeing clear orbs.
Needless to say, we were captivated, and stood in a state of awe watching them for quite a while, speculating as to what in the world they could be. When I returned to my house, I continued to go back outside and look at this baffling sight for about an hour. It was clear they were not beacons nor lighting for some sales promotion, and we would like very much to know what was going on….
I did call a local TV station, and was told they’d received no other calls about this. I’d love to know if I am the only one reporting this unusual sight! I’m glad to have shared the experience with a friend, and can’t imagine that other people did not witness it, too.
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East village new York city – Sept 5, 2011
Two UFO’s appeared from the east heading north west
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Carrollton, Tx (north Dallas suburb) – 9-4-2011
Observed UFO/possible meteor
I was standing on my back patio at 05:40AM 9-4-2011 having my second cup of coffee. I’m in Carrollton Tx(north Dallas suburb) and I was looking south and saw a very bright light moving across the sky from approx west to east. It had a blue greenish hue to the light and appered to have a tail. I don’t know if it was a meteor or not. It didn’t look like any I’ve seen previously, it appeared to me to be very large but I couldn’t determine how low or high it was. It was quite out and I didn’t hear anything, no sound associated with this visual. I don’t know if it was a UFO or a meteor or what.
– – – – – – – – – –
Blackrock, South Australia – 4th september 2011
my mate and i chased this for est.5 ks it was hovering bout 2ks away in a paddock when we stopped and set up camera on tripod and took sum video footage time was between 7.30 – 8pm not long after there were 9 earth tremors in the area.

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Centennial, Colorado – 09/04/2011
I was outside on my back patio when I looked toward the Eastern sky and saw a massively bright light rising in Altitude. I asked my brother to look and as he did it rapidly went from an equal level with my neighbors tree line straight up into the sky. It stayed at this level for more than an hour and a half during which time it would just hover around the night sky moving to various different locations. Every time before it would move the light, which appeared in many different shapes for lack of a better word, would grow amazingly bright and then begin to dim until it completely disappeared and then within five to ten minutes it would begin to brighten up in a completely new location. The patterns and the way that this light moved were totally unlike anything I’ve ever seen befo! re and whatever it was it would just hover about at the same elevation slowly moving and bouncing across the sky. At the very beginning of this the light would grow out and create aura like rays spreading out in different directions and then almost instantaneously would just collapse into itself
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Grand Rapids, Michigan – September 4th 2011
Okay, so got a good one tonight. At around 11:27 pm , NW of Grand Rapids MI. My buddy Rich and I were on our weekly UFO hunt and turned our heads toward the Big Dipper because a light that hadn’t been there seconds before caught our attention. It was very bright and we watched it for about 7-9 seconds, then it just disappeared. It had just entered the bowl of the Big Dipper, moving slowly and just sort of faded out of existence. This has been the common theme to our sightings, Bright object, no sound, no blinking lights, then it just fades out. Tonight was by far the most intense, I think due in part to how bright it was and it’s sudden appearance. Anyone seeing anything similar??
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Paraíba, Brazil – 4th September 2011
[direct translate from Portugal language] UFO filmed on Sunday, September 4, 2011 in the city of Paraiba do Sul at around 9 am in the neighborhood park Morone, Samsung portable camcorder.
Youtube video link:
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Hemet, Ca 92543 – 9/4/11
my sister in law called me and told me to look up at the sky because they seen a reddish orange spot so i went outside and seen it and it kept disappearing and showing back up… then we seen a triangle cloud (haze) that was moving pretty fast. it was positioned to the left of the moon, which is to the west of us. 2 planes came into the area & it disappeared. we live near (between) both March AFB & Merimar. the planes may have come from either. but the orange object was much larger than the 2 planes that came into the area.
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Grand Rapids, MI – 09/04/2011
Okay, so got a good one tonight. At around 11:27 pm , NW of Grand Rapids MI. My buddy Rich and I were on our weekly UFO hunt and turned our heads toward the Big Dipper because a light that hadn’t been there seconds before caught our attention. It was very bright and we watched it for about 7-9 seconds, then it just disappeared. It had just entered the bowl of the Big Dipper, moving slowly and just sort of faded out of existence. This has been the common theme to our sightings, Bright object, no sound, no blinking lights, then it just fades out. Tonight was by far the most intense, I think due in part to how bright it was and it’s sudden appearance. Anyone seeing anything similar?? Sorry, no pictures.
– – – – – – – – – –
East coast Jacksonville, fl – 9 4 11
South of Orion’s belt by Sirius. Spectacal of lights hovering still for over am hour
– – – – – – – – – –
Jacksonville Florida 32258 – September 3, 2011
Approximately 8:30pm, two bright flaming orange lights were moving in the east, heading north. Very bright, one was following the other. A sudden shift in direction and acceleration occurred after about 30 seconds, with the first object heading what appeared to be north east. Both objects became smaller and disappeared as they headed out over the ocean. This was witnessed by myself and another person walking her dog. Unlike anything I have ever seen.
– – – – – – – – – –
Nottingham, Heron Drive – 3/09/11
Around 9:30 pm I was attending a BBQ and we (group of 4) noticed Chinese lanterns in a southly direction as we watched I noticed a pair of two white lights moving from south to north rapidly and with out noise, the lights were behind a cloud cover. The lights were certainly from different objects and moving at speed equal to a low flying aircraft. A few things of note; first, the lights as described were white and not yellowish as the lanterns were. Second; the lights did not seem to flicker like a lantern would (the cloud cover was quite uniform and naturally the light did wax and wane but it was a steady source not a like a lantern.) Third, the source did not make any noise as it moved, if it was a low flying aircraft, as it’s speed would suggest, then I would have expected some noise! . Fourth, the two lights remains equal distance from each other a lantern would have moved at different rates. sixth, these light were witnessed by 4 persons (including myself.) Finally the lights did were not in a straight line one of the sources was either slightly closer or further (difficult to determine which.)
– – – – – – – – – –

Close to Temple, Texas – September 3, 2011

Me and my daughter were traveling along Hwy.36 when I notice some type of aircraft in the air. It passed over my truck and I was able to look inside of it..It was cylindrical shaped and it appeared to have ports where you could stand.There were lights surrounding it and they blinked on and off..What was strange is that we were able to somehow photograph it but when I tried to record it via camcorder, you could not see it. It was as though they could some intercept the recordings..strange but true.
– – – – – – – – – –

Bedford, Clapham golf corse – saturday 3 september 2011

I saw a black flying triangle being chased by by a cessna airaplane 200 feet up above bedford, clapham golf course on saturday 3 september 2:10 pm. I have an 11 year old daughter, she also whitnessed this. Did anybody alse see this? Very curious to know what this was.
– – – – – – – – – –
Nashville, TN from the north flew over bicentennial mall. – September 3rd 2011
At the Nashville folk festival and right after the show was being closed down due to a storm approaching from the south, two lights were heading south from the north of the city. Looked like an airplane however turned out to be 2 separate ships that rotated and had very fast blinking red and green lights over the side of the ship. They were not on the correct side for it to be an airplane. Also it was not a helicopter due to lack of noise, not correct shape, and the proximity of the two ships to each other. Very strange. They headed into the approaching storm.
John Doe
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Wilmington , Ca – 9-3-2011
I was standing out side having a smoke looking at the sky and all of a sudden I notice a bright orange light and I ask my friend (” what it could be?” )When the light starts moving it seemed to be moving super slow. It was nothing like the other airplane lights that were around. It seemed like it came to a hault than it started flashing and changed into a white,flashing light. It gave out a big sonic boom,turned orange again and then the light seemed like it was going farther and dimmmer until it vanished.
– – – – – – – – – –
Edmonton, Alberta – 3 Sept 2011
Today i was going to a restaurant with my family and cousins. I was sitting on the passenger seat on the way to the restaurant in the car. I was bored so i looked up at the sky to see some birds but there were none. Suddenly, 2 straight lines of white cloud/gas came out of nowhere from this hug cloud…i kept track on it and i saw nothing…it was just 2 lines of white cloud/gas…it wasn’t an airplane nor it wasn’t a helicopter…i don’t know what it was and i was pretty shocked and surprised at what i am seeing…It was invisible and all i see was 2 straight lines of cloud/gasses continuously getting longer and disappearing faster.I got no pictures or videos for evidence because my phone’s camera broke and i can’t take a picture nor a video.So i am guessing that it is a UFO.But what i! typed,it is all real.
– – – – – – – – – –
South,East of Ozark, Missouri – 9/2/2011
While driving home my husband and I noticed the clouds above. One big cloud to the left and a darker one attached to the right of it. We saw a bright perfectly shaped cresent for about a minute, then it went away and a sudden perfeclty round shape brighter light with a halo like around it appeared, then disappeared. We both checked out where the sun was to debunk it, but saw clearly it would be a miracle that the big cloud would have two different perfect shapes all the way thru it.
– – – – – – – – – –
on the sports news kpho5 10pm addition. – 09/02/2011
while watching the sports news,(highlights)the clip for Georgia V Idaho game.
last 3 sec of the clip, one large ufo traveling left to right having 2 bright lights was in the foreground, there were 5-6 other suspended lights positioned further away. as the large one went left to right the one at 11-O-clock started to drop. As the large one was reaching the mid right side it sharply changed course about 80dg. going up, during this a large lightning strike was in the background. As the large one went up it disappeared, all of the others went in different directions and disappeared. I watched it frame by frame with my family. we all saw the same thing. I attempted to contact the TV station but haven’t received any response.
– – – – – – – – – –
King, Wisconsin – sept 2 2011
On september 2 2011 I was walking my 2 golden retrievers before retiring for the evening.I was at the end of our drive way with one dog and had turned to look towards king about 3/4 mile away.
We do see military as well as civilian aircraft at night as well as the occassional space station and other satelites sightings but what happened next , I had never seen before.
Several evenings before I was out with the dogs and had seen the space station go over,kind of just plowing along in all its shiney silvery radiance.
At 9:22 pm sharp I saw a bright redish orange ball of light heading from west to east along county road QQ .The night was rather hazy with broken clouds through which stars could be seen.The ball of light seemed to be traveling about the same speed that the space station travels when it goes over and even the local foundry jet appears to be going about the same speed visually as its going to land but why reddish orange ?
The ball of light got pretty close to my location when it made a turn and headed due south and as it did the color didnt change it stayed reddish orange .
At this time from over a willow tree in my yard another ball identical to the first one came over the tree,then right over me also headed from West to East and as the other object was now headed South,the one that just went over me now turned slightly and headed I would say in a south south East direction and also never changed in color as it passed over head.Niether one of the red orange balls made any sound at all ! At one point two cars headed west and I thought they would stop and watch but continued on into king.
Having been a photo interpreter in the USAF during the 1960’s and having also been stationed at a fighter wing I have seen hundreds of jets taking off and landing and many after burner runs and believe me.a fighter makes a lot of noise,especially when they some times would take off two abreast.
I couldnt make out any particular shape other than they were round reddish orange balls of light and the size was very similar to when you see a jet with its landing lights on coming toward you from perhaps3/4 to 1/2 then 1/4 miles.
It struck me that it almost seemed like the lead ball of light had a wing man traveling about 1/4 to 3/4 miles paralell.
It took a long time to finally get to sleep and I now see them in my mind constantly-Oh yes-I was shaking like a leaf and still am.Any clue as to what they were or where from is a mystery.
– – – – – – – – – –
Christchurch New Zealand – 2nd Sept 2011
@To Lisa (Below, in regard to UFO sighting in NZ.. This one is F.Y.I & shared with the world).
I have found a video through family’s friend’s Facebooks from China with evidence of a UFO in broad daylight that over 10,000 people in china seen on AUG 29 2011 (link!). I will show the video here so you can all view it, if you believe it and are ready to get the best insight to what will happen in the next year to this world; and what this all means for life itself & contact with “extra-terrestrial”, then read on after this paragraph as I explain all I have learnt. (Otherwise, just view the video and carry on not believing it’s real… We will all learn soon enough…)
After 3 major UFO sightings reported by thousands of onlookers occured in central China, They were trying so hard to keep it out of media that the U.S. government has stepped in and restricted media worldwide, yet again. A HUGE amount of other reports in the last few months have been swamping Youtube and other various network sites… Everything is coming together now in the world. I have a personal hunch that the U.S. and Barrack Obama specifically have already met our “galactic-visitors” and know the fate of our future.
I have also encountered something out of the ordinary, and now I believe and understand it alot better. Friday night, 10pm, September 2nd 2011. My partner and I were trying to sleep, whilst a loud hovering sound was constant through the sky above. The night was still, no wind outside… I confirmed this by walking outside while my partner stayed inside. I came back in and the sound was still constant. We saw nothing in the sky upon looking, but things started getting really really weird. The noise out was getting closer and more bold. We panicked and ran out to the car. There was nothing outside, the noise was there inside but gone when we got outside. (Note: we turned off all our appliances before we determined there was really something ELSE happening.)It wasn’t till about 3am Saturday morning that we fled the stress at home. We went and got a hot chocolate to keep our energy up while we drove to the Port Hills to look over Christchurch.
We spent about 30-45 minutes looking over the city. Nothing… No lights out of the ordinary, white lights, red lights… All seemed legit. We expected something and apparently that was too much to ask for. We decided to pack it in and started to drive down the hill (At around 3.40~am Sat 3rd 2011) I think we got a little bit more than we bargained for. Was slowly starting to pull around the first corner and we both saw it. Lights, hundreads of them… Under the fog slowly shrouding the city… It’s shape was huge… We considered it was Kaipoi (The next town lit north of our location), but we failed to believe this, as it wasn’t behind Christchurch, it was hovering OVER it by the north end. We both saw this huge thing the shape of a dart of sort. It had an unclear boarderline with so many flashing lights… This is actually situated on the area near where I live… So did anyone else hear this noise? I asked round the neighbours and 4 out of 10 people heard it too, very cle! arly. As we came around the first U bend we came out of vision, coming to again a few moments later… It’s completely dissapeared. We still hear the same sound on an occasional basis. This has been sometimes at night and early morning. The sounds are of maneuvering also. As the sound will fade, come again, up, down and louder. If you don’t believe me, come sleep here for 2 nights. This whole situation is only going to get worse, soon anyway.. I think these Ancients are keeping tabs on not just the countries; But cities too.
So the main plot… All of life’s un-answered questions… Does your mind swing outside of the box? Because it will need to, to finally deceipher a brain full of extrordinary knowledge.
It has been said that the U.S. Government have known about aliens and UFOs for years. All the time, they have hidden and deceived the world. Alot of people who have seen evidence and believe and somewhat think they understand… You are right to believe. But you need to learn the truth… This isn’t a “Meager conspiricy” anymore… “This shit is getting real”. (Sorry for my language, but it’s the truth.) It will be in here somewhere, but you can deceipher it into your own thoughts… I guess either way, we will all find out what and when all too soon.
For thousands of years… We have tied known existence back to cavemen and other theorys of belief. The Bible, describing the saviour. Jesus… The symbol of a modern yet antique religeon. The pyrimids, claimed to have been built by UFOs. The Bermuda triangle, a thing that no one knows anything about. The seven wonders of the world… Aliens seem to have alot to do with it than we would think.
Here is some of the information I have learnt so far… Aliens are reffered to in our planet as by the Egyptians and mayans as “Ancients”. It was said that the aliens were to keep a somewhat “population control” which would mean wiping out the population in some of many ways. They (the aliens) have been known to symbolise an angel. Bright light in the sky, faster than anything we know of, complex knowledge and understanding… They are a mystery to humanity.
Search and destroy, personally attacking earth… It’s no battle.. We are no match for them. The government have bowed to them, they have full control and will destroy large countries to claim earth or use it for foreign resources. The small but minor populus left will become the next generations, unsure if aliens will remain hidden again or rulers. -Ways of infiltration… They have been visiting so many locations recently in countries such as China, Belin, New York, Chicago, San Diego, China, Japan and so many more. Search on Youtube “Ufo Sighting August 2011” (or september 2011).
The reason for this could be to disable our defences… The nuculear disaster in Japan recently… The 9.1 quake.. All a warning. Aliens caused it. The recent volcano erruptions and quakes in random places… It’s all linked. Every time disaster strikes, ufos are caught… The twin towers, sept 11 2001 – The Govt. became skeptic that the footage of the 2 towers was too revealing. The media pushed and said that the evidence showed that the structure couldn’t have melted from plane fuel. So they blamed Iraq… Ofcourse… Blame a culture that is known for minor terriorisim… They just have loose government. Nothing more than that…
So they blame, americans become furious toward Iraq and divert attention to where Govt. wants them to. To top that, they made a false enquiry to bombs to employ another scare tatic of terriorism to the public to create a False conspiricy for everyone to ponder upon. Notice how there was never alot of investigation into the matter? I do. It was kept on the down low. If you look on Youtube for twin towers ufo… Nothing comes up…
The Govt. slowly pulls anything and everything within power off the internet about UFOs over time to ensure they keep it out of media. If you DO manage to view the Sept 11 video… You’ll notice the building blows out from the top to bottom from being hit on an angle.. NOT on the side, but from the top left corner. An object flying so fast (not hundreads, but thousands of kilometers) into a building will demolish it… FAST. if you watch the way the building crumbles, shock waves from the UFOs crash are sent rippling down the building causing it to ex-plode and wither through all form of matter. Ie. Steel Structuring.
They say that this September 11 2011 is going to be a day of knowledge… 10 years after the aliens warn us… What do they have in store for our anniversary?
The theories about 2012 may come about sooner rather than later… Then again, 2012 could just be right (21-12-12) Which is code for (21 = 12 + backwards) 12 12 12 = half 6 6 6, there are 6 x 6’s in 12 12 12. The backwards is a mystery…
It’s believed that the Ancients will either be coming to cause havoc upon us with natural disasters or other means…. (A neat thing to look up is Illuminati. It was a card game revealed in 1995. They enpictured the future the world will hold. All of the cards have come and are coming true so far… See for yourself.)
I know I’ve marked September 11 for this year… Feels like something will happen soon. Enjoy life now and make the best of your every day while you have it… As we never know what the future will hold…. Or do we?…
– – – – – – – – – –
Florida – early September
South of Orion’s belt in the east sky of Florida near.Sirius. hovering for.over an hours. A great spectacle of light.
– – – – – – – – – –
Overland Park KS – September 2011
UFO – Bright red light moving slowly from east to west/soutwest. I witnessed this aircraft/UFO at approximately 9:05 pm CDT in Overland Park KS.It caught my attention because it was a very large red orb in the north east that at first looked like an airplane only much more bright of a red light and it wasn’t flashing. As it got closer I thought it might be a helicopter, but it made absolutely no noise. I estimate that it’s flight path over Overland Park was somewhere between 135th st and 151st st at about 15000 ft at the most. The red light revieled an enlogated orb shape from top to bottom as it passed by. I then witnessed the red light fade into a almost translucent grayesh white color with a hint of red in it. I was in my back yard just after feeding my dogs when I witnessed this eve! nt. I watched as the craft/UFO went behind a large tree in my back yard, I could see the craft/UFO through some of the openings in the tree and new where to watch for it as it emerged again from behind the folage. When it did emerge, the craft/UFO looked more like a faintly illuminated gray color in an orb shape against the black night sky. It was quite an experience to have witnessed. I live near a local small airport and i’ve seen hundreds if not thousends of airplanes and helicoptors fly by for several years. I’ve never seen anything like this. And to put it into more perspective, as this craft/UFO was flying away into the western sky, a jet airliner was flying east at what looked to be full crusing altitude just a few miles north of the craft/UFO’s flight path.
– – – – – – – – – –
Limoges, France – September 2011
I just look at pictures I took in Limoges in France.
I noticed a strange gray cigar in the sky by zooming on two pictures when I wanted to edit its, or there was no air above the cathedral, no noise.
There is nothing on the lens of my camera.
Do you think it is a UFO?
– – – – – – – – – –
Philomath, Oregon – AUG 28TH 2011
On august 28th 2011 at about 1:15am i noticed a very bright light hovering very low, i saw it stop for about 3seconds and the bright light turned off and watched red and blue lights surround the bottom of this object. I continuted to sit there and follow the lights and all of a sudden it just disappered. I know that is was not a plane or a satalite because they can’t just stop in mid flight. Continuing over the next nights my fiance and my parents have noticed strange objects in the sky moving, hovering with white, blue and red lights. There are some moving in rows setting up and there are becoming quite more night after night that we notice.
– – – – – – – – – –
Lanaudière region, suburbs of Montreal city – August 17, 2011
Filmed at approx. 1 mile distance, this Object was flying at low altitude over the woods, along the farmlands, emitting an unusual color strobe light. 60p shooting allowed me to grab amazing frames of the Object such has detailed parts of the body that look like “threads”… Definitely, this Object looks alive…. This sighting gave me the opportunity to learn a little more about aircraft navigation lights and find correspondence with other similar Things…
The sighting can be seen in HD on Youtube:
– – – – – – – – – –
Wiltshire, UK – 25/07/2011
I have filmed UFO in Wiltshire UK and posted my video on youtube.
More information about this UFO you will be able to find under youtube video description.
– – – – – – – – – –
15km North of Perth, Western Australia – 7/11/2011
19:50 Hrs. Travelling from NW to SE towards the city at approximately 3000-5000 ft. Visible for 35-40 seconds. Silent moving, black triangle. No flashing “anti-collision” lights but two solid white lights, one on leading and one on near side edge, plus one red light. Travelling at around three times the speed of a conventional aircraft. Appeared on right hand side and travelled in front of me, so was able to view from side and rear. I would guess about 30-40m across, point to point.
– – – – – – – – – –

Morocco, Marakesh – 11/06/2011

The 11/06 I was at Marakesh, Morocco and i was staying at the Kenzi Hotel.
There i took some photos with an iphone4 near the pool of my hotel. After going to my room where it has less light i saw the photos and i realized that in the one of them it has something very strange at the sky.
– – – – – – – – – –
Waynesburg, Ohio – May 28, 2001
I was testing my camcorder. I wanted to see how well it could zoom in on a high flying jet. I set out a lawn chair, and watched the sky until I could find a plane. The moon was out, and I was looking at it.. to the right of the moon I saw an object that was about to pass in front of it. That’s where I began filming. The object was so small and high up, I had a hard time zooming in on it in focus. If it wasn’t for the moon, I would have hard even a harder time, because it helped the camera focus. The center of the video was cut out by the Cleveland Ufology Project (Who I gave the video to).. which contained several minutes of me zooming in and out trying to find the object.
The Cleveland Ufology project gave the video to Dr. Bruce Maccabee.. a leading Ufologist. Who told me after viewing the video.. The object appears to change shape, like a string of balloons, but I know it’s not that, I don’t know what it is.

Youtube video link:

– – – – – – – – – –
Capo Testa (S.Teres di Gallura), Italy – May 2011
[direct translate from Italian] Covering of the photos taken at Capo Testa (S. Teresa di Gallura)
in the month of May 2011 I noticed an object in the upper right
steering wheel. It could be anything, however, is’ a certain effect. What do you think?
– – – – – – – – – –

our town Butler, NJ town square a block from our home – 2010 sept

We have been running an amatuer study in our county to guage the level of activity, three times now at night we have been pursued for short distances, or followed in interest. We were in RICH Hill a town 3 miles to the south of Butler, we were studying a large waterway that night and the surrounding woods.
As we left for home i noticed a light overhead and photographed it , it stayed with us and dissapeared after we left 71 highway pulling into the Butler exit.
We couldn’t find it but thought the lights had been turned off, and we were afraid to go directly home. So i suggested we go to a well lit spot, that might be safer, our town square a block away, Lori parked the jeep and sat in it smoking, i got out and walked around with my camera watching the sky. To the south high in the sky there was a faint orange light with purple, it seemed to be coming straight down, it dissapeared and then these two bright blueish white lights came on over the square near the jeep. i got this image, they were there a second or two more then were gone , and the sky was clear we believe. where they went we dont know.
– – – – – – – – – –

1500 rd, Amsterdam, Missouri – 2010 late august

We were finishing a photographic run, and were on a backroad lost, we were looking a rural highway home, we had pulled up to the street sign and i was trying to read it. First there was nothing then three balls of light started zipping towards us, the final two pictures show how large they were when they finally came in full sight. the object egg shaped is in the same image as the street sign,, we took off.

– – – – – – – – – –

Baltimore, Maryland – 1970’s

This is something I saw on television. They actually showed these linesmen & there was a woman with them they were doing some sort of training on the telephone poles. Like the ones in your back yard, and all of a sudden this craft came from the sky and directed it’s attention the the man on the pole & the others that there on the ground. It turned and streaked to the sky. Of all the documented ufo’s today I have never seen that video footage again. mind you I saw this in the 1970’s but have never seen that particular sighting or footage again. I wonder were it could be now & why with all that is seen today, why not that one?
Your opinion?
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