Theories behind Pyramids Construction: Work of Simple Men or Aliens?

The moment most people discuss on the construction of the Great Pyramid, the truth looks to be overlooked that there are another 2 pyramids next to it, though smaller in size. If it needed 20 years to construct the Great Pyramid, as Herodotus implies, although smaller, the other 2 pyramids would have been of an identical time scale so they all would have been created in a time scale of 55 – 60 years. Even then that is not the end of the issue because down the western edge of the desert, there are 92 pyramids. If you include again all the basic tools and equipment such as levers, poles, copper chisels, rafts just put to use for the Great Pyramid then we have to multiply them 94 times, it is brain dazzling the amount of all the tools and timber for such a huge operation. With all of those pyramids, there is also the monument of the Sphinx which is also clearly a large construction.

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