Triangle UFO formation over Apple Valley, California 8-Sep-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting video of some kind of triangle-shaped craft hovering in the night sky above Apple Valley in California. This was recorded on Thursday, 8th September around 9 pm.
Witness report: On 8th September, 2011 at approximately 9.00pm, myself and 3 other people observed a very large orange light in the sky hovering over the mountains near Apple Valley – about 20 miles from where we were. I ran inside to get the video camera. On my return, there were 6 or more orange lights in a triangular pattern. They were only there for a matter of seconds and I got a little bit of video footage. Unfortunately I did not have a tripod set up and was having trouble locating the lights in my view finder. This was a very similar sighting to my report about the orange lights over the George Airbase last month.

We estimate the lights were about 1000 feet from the ground over the lower part of the Apple Valley Mountains. Considering we are nearly 20 miles from this area, the footage gives an indication of the size of the craft.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Back in 88 or 89 we saw a very similar formation from Soggy Dry Lake facing North a trail of lights approx 500 ft above the mountain line, in formation and as if someone turned off a light switch all the lights turned off. We drove up to the next horizon mark approx 100ft higher with no signs of light, the following day no signs of tracks or trails on the ground. This area is an interesting

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