UFO flying over Tyneside, UK 27-Sep-2011

UFO sightings – New video of unknown bright object flying across the sky over Tyneside in United Kingdom. Recorded on Tuesday, 27th September 2011.
Witness report: ufos checking out a factory smoke stack in north tyneside uk, 27/09/2011 10.30 ish. filmed from south shields over looking the river tyne. this is 2nd part of a continuous 30 min sighting
Author (SuperBigtoe22 @ youtube)

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  1. crazy vid.couldnt be flares because they all stay lit for differant amounts of time and allso hardly give off any light.they only seem to light up the smoke when right on top of the chimmney and dont seem to illuminate any other surrounding,the chimmney included. must be planes or something

  2. They looked like parachute flares to me. Very predictable pattern. Every one dimmed at the same spot just after a new one lit up.The track of each flare was basically a straight descending line. Yep, some kind of a flare.

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