UFO video filmed over Santiago, Chile 30-Aug-2011

TV report about UFO sighting filmed by two students in Santiago, Chile on Tuesday, 30th August around 9 pm.

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  1. Hello, I speak spanish so I was able to understand what they were saying. Although I am not going to translate the whole thing, I would like to tell you the last part of this video:<br /><br />&quot;the mayor of the city invited ufo experts to study and analyze the footage and to TEACH PEOPLE how to differentiate between a real ufo and known objects.&quot; Finally the mayor states &quot;the ufo

  2. Funny none of the &#39;usual&#39; skeptic/debunkers have dared yet to display in comments their ignorance of the same widely-reported UFOs towards this video. Perhaps now they will connect the dots and realize the similarities with what hundreds of others have been claiming/reporting/filming worldwide.

  3. &#39;usual&#39; skeptic/debunkers! Stop talking out your arse Mr Always Anonymous. Just because rational thinking people don&#39;t blindly scream alien when a generic light is bouncing around in the sky makes them neither a skeptic or a debunker. I will take hard evidence over blind faith any day. This is an O.K. sighting but it still could be anything.<br />Do I want it to be alien? Hell yeah!

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