A UFO Was Sighted by the People On Board in Australian Warship

Australian Navy reservist claims that he saw a UFO flew in front of their Navy destroyer for more than 30 minutes and warship’s radar did not detect it.
The reservist was a quartermaster gunner assigned on the guided missile destroyer HMAS Brisbane in 1992. While performing his task, he noticed an “illuminating, bright light” in the front of the boat. He recalls that they were sailing in the Great Australia Bight when the bright object was flying in front of the boat at around 45 degrees, high in the sky. He says that the other crews of the boat also witnessed the UFO for about 30 minutes but nothing was registered on their radar.
He further depicts that the bright UFO rapidly stirred to south east then moved to south west and did a little jiggle before it rise swiftly and gone. The reservist notes that what they experienced is something that he will never forget and thinks that he will never see a UFO again in his life.

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  1. &quot;…saw a UFO flew…&quot; fly<br />&quot;…other crews of the boat…&quot; crew<br />&quot;…nothing was registered on their radar…&quot; registering<br />wow the english is so bad that it detracts from the article.

  2. What, no &quot;it was secret government project made from former Nazi scientists and that&#39;s why it didn&#39;t show on radar&quot; comments from the dingbat gallery? <br />Shocking.

  3. Thanks for this post! It&#39;s very interesting to me as I aslo witnessed a UFO whilst in the Navy, serving on HMAS Success in 1998 in the Great Australian Bight. One other sailor saw it also. The light silently approached our ship low (below gantry height) and at speed toward the stern, then at about 500 yards, it abruptly turned 90 degrees astern and disappeared into the sky at about a 45

  4. I wished the reservist had reported to this website himself as he wouldn&#39;t call the Brisbane a boat as anyone in the Navy refers to them as ships. As to the pusser on the Success at least your Captain bothered to give you a story of what you saw. My Captian on HMAS Albatross, a UFO reportee himself in 1952 never gave any explaination of the 6 UFOs over the Airstation in 1975. I&#39;m still

  5. Yes It was Real I saw It. I was Posted to HMAS BRISBANE at the time. I was a full time Quartermaster Gunner and I am so relieved to see this story. It’s an absolute fact as far as I am concerned. I remember I was closed up as Port Lookout, I remember reporting this to the Officer of the watch and I am sure the ops room was contacted but nothing was confirmed on Radar.

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