Unveiling “Nibiru”

Nibiru is one of the names for the “King of Planets” headed toward Earth. The supposed planet is associated with “Nemesis, Planet X, 10th and 12th Planet, Marduk, The Destroyer, Red Dragon, Great Star, Comet of Doom,” and so many others. 
Nibiru has seven moons and its perihelion passages are associated with the “return of the gods,” in which gods always refer to demonae. The Sumerians named its long orbit as “A Shar,” while Hindu astronomers called it “Treta Yuga.” Ancient people labeled the destruction X as “Kali Yuga” and viewed it as punishment for the world’s sins. Many people however, don’t make connection between the king-sized planet and massive earth changes.
In the Sumerian civilization, the Anunnaki were considered as extraterrestrial gods resembling human and stay with humans on Earth. They thrive on conquest, enslavement and cannibalism of those under them since they have been reduced in power. Several speculative writings regarding Nibiru and the Anunnaki are based on the book of a linguistic scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, entitled, “The 12th Planet.” Nibiru’s orbiting pattern supposedly gave the Anunnaki the advantage to observe many planets near its orbit. 
Nibiruians are often referred to as Anunnaki which literally means “they who have come down from the heavens to the earth.” Theoretically, the Nibiru were populated with technologically advanced alien race with traits of Satan and called their home star “ZAOS.” They were carnivorous, cannibalistic, and specialized in mind control as well. 
Mr. Sitchin is believed to have fabricated the Anunnaki Lie on behalf of the Illuminati, which he was actively involved with. It was said that various secretive organizations have long believed in a coming political messiah, other than Jesus, to run the new world order government. The core component of these organizations’ “secret knowledge” and rituals is belief in alien gods and other ethereal entities. Mr. Sitchin claimed that his research coincided with many Biblical texts that came originally from Sumerian writings. No one will ever know however, except the Almighty God whether Sitchin contributed to these fabrications or was just used by Masonic deceivers. 
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  1. "With traits of Satan"? STFU….The Anunnaki were around long before the development of the Satan figure in Judaism. Why do people have to inject these ridiculous ideas of demons and Satan and Lucifer into extraterrestrial matters? It's so stupid. Come out of the bronze age, it's 2011.

  2. IT all started in IRAQ or the Indo-Iranian Plateau .They always always always return to the scene of 'THE CRIME'.The civilization started in THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION;now it has returned to that cradle;to come to an end.However ,with every end comes a new beginning.With Divine will,perhaps the new civilization will be lacking in Niburu.For those interested,check out the ancient book of

  3. As with most things time will tell however anybody who thinks Earth is some type of safe haven must rethink their beliefs. Sure there have been many scenarios put forward over the centuries regarding the destruction or part there of, some with merit others total crap which have unfortunately made many people cynical about ANY such danger. <br />It is a fact that Earth is quite vulnerable to

  4. i dont know why everyone always has to put it in to context with religion……i mean come on aliens…..God……..all sounds retarded to me. i do believe in alien exsitance but weather they are here with us or just visiting one may never know. but one thing i know for sure is that some spiritual being living up in the clouds is not gonna send his dead son back to save us…..lol. we have a

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