White orbs flying above Berlin, Germany – September 2011

UFO sightings 2011 – Multiple bright objects or orbs were recorded flying across the daytime sky over German city Berlin. This was recorded last week (in early September 2011). Watch in full screen and HD.

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  1. i don&#39;t see anything…. and because it&#39;s a party… maybe there was shining balloons released in the air…<br /><br />Marco

  2. This may not be the UFO, this can be stars…But I am not sure..even they could be UFO. Anyway I am waiting for a footage which reveals life is possible on outer space!

  3. this is the worst. he&#39;s just wiggling his camera around with a dot on the lense. Or is he really that quick with his hands that he can follow the orb&#39;s movements to the exact micro second and keep it focused and centered in the middle of the screen. Videos like this are embarrassing and should not be posted on this website.

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