Alien Contacts Are Just Dreams?

There will be a time when anyone who wants to make contact with extraterrestrials, will be advised to eat a lot of cheese before sleep.
There is a recent discovery that meeting aliens in a dream could be possible. Researchers said that this could be possible just by focusing on a half-dream state and looking out extraterrestrials with mind.
UCLA researchers believe that extraterrestrials encounter reports such as alien abduction maybe coming from dreams of people with great imaginations.
The researchers conducted a case study involving 20 volunteers and seven of them reported they were seeing aliens. The study just lasted three days.
Lead researcher Michael Raduga said that alien contact did not happen because of extraterrestrial existence but just because of a “poorly studied state of consciousness” that individuals fall into unknowingly.
The volunteers were instructed to follow a series of mental exercises on waking to get “out of body” encounter. Then, they were instructed to look for aliens. The encounters documented by successful dreamers were very clear.
Craig, one of the volunteers, took a nap for 40 minutes in the morning. He first thought that nothing was going to happen after experiencing a difficulty in sleeping but after a while, he noticed that he was having a floating feeling. He then told himself to go and see aliens. Moments later he was close to a mountain with trees around it. He has seen a space ship, two aliens with helmet, and a robot type being which was around 7 feet tall and was silver in color. The aliens seem to be unfriendly.
Another volunteer claimed that he manage to open his eyes and saw a typical-looking aliens at the other end of his bed. He depicted that it had a large head and eyes, small body, thin arms and the skin was dark-green. At the same time, he described that everything was even more natural when it comes to sensation than in his normal waking state.
Others said that they felt the tiny hands of aliens on their shoulders and even flying with the extraterrestrials.
Raduga concluded that their study proves that alien encounters are just product of the human brain. He stressed that the data gathered by the study is more reliable than any typical extraterrestrial encounter coming from eyewitness accounts which never undergo substantiation. (c) 2011

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