Antonio Urzi case 2011: Stunning Photographs of Flying Saucer over Cinisello Balsamo, Italia

Yohanan Diaz and Jaime Maussan presents 11 photographs of Antonio Urzi who managed to capture in Cinisello Balsamo in Italy on 19th September 2011.

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  1. I did not believe in this strange looking black grey objects either because if he saw these surely there would be other witnesses to these pictures.And how convenient not even a cloud in the sky and no pics showing it was actually taken outside with other outdoor activity going on around it's presents. Sorry it's a fake to me.

  2. Adamski RULES! (Oregon 1967 saucer above a house[I believe in Eugene]shows the same likeness.)Adamski was trying to be honest all the while. Looks like we need to thank Tony Urzi for showing: everything old is new,again!

  3. Wauw havent seen close up like this since G.Adamski in the 50-60ties and same kind type of"ship" as well..Nice nice nice LOVEUALL

  4. Since at least 30years its has`nt been possible to make fake photos.Cause it would show if they were checked..Said it before & say it again-nobody fakes anymore—NO REASON TO…!!!

    • The production of Deep fake images are being developed by using two adversarial computers one tasked with manufacturing the fake images the other Tasked with identifying fake images and feeding that output back to the machine manufacturing fakes, at the point when the detecting device cannot any longer distinguish between fake and genuine we will never be able to trust our eyes when viewing any printed or onscreen image.

  5. If the objects were real UFO, presumably the smaller object would not appear so out of focus in relation to the larger one. These objects were photographed at close range within several feet of the camera. Sorry,- they are fake-

  6. check out the reflection on the little sphere in the first picture , the reflection is completely off for an object that is far away , so yeah sorry guys this is isnt the shit you all looking for.

  7. Of course there's no cloud, he is using a telephoto lens, and the picture is shaking and that means the photo is zoomed. If clouds are still visible at that point then the cloud would be very small in real scale! Anyway have any of you ever saw a clear weather?

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