Daytime cylindrical UFO flying over Chimbote, Peru 12-Oct-2011

UFO videos – Daytime footage of unknown cigar-shaped object over Chimbote, Peru. This video was recorded on Wednesday, 12th September 2011.

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  1. Loved the report and video.(Really looked like it could be a Saucer Craft!The U.S.A. disclosed their Unmanned Model.Was that it?) Thanks.

  2. This looks much like what a coworker and I saw in Akron Ohio. Although our sighting was much closer and was nearly overhead this is so similar it is spooky. The speed and altitude of what we saw is the same as when you see a life flight helicopter flying fast over the tree tops heading to a hospital. But this was just a dimly glowing cigar shaped thing until the setting sun reflected off the side

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