UFO activity over Sunrise, Florida 20-Oct-2011

UFO videos – New footage of UFO activity in the night sky above Sunrise in Florida. Both of he videos were recorded on Thursday, 20th October 2011.
Wintess report: Amazing footage of a ufo or some type of “flying saucer” type object of sunrise, florida! This is amazing and i’ve never in my life seen anything like this! It would start out as a white orb connected to a red orb, then it would form into a structure that would change colors — almost blinding — such as green, blue, yellow, and purple! I was able to capture the structure of it which is similar to a space-ship of some sort! Very similar to the “ufo china” sighting that is on youtube! This is a hot-spot for ufo’s, because i often see orange orbs around here, but i have never ever seen anything to this extent before!
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. i have seen a similiar ufo over lake atitlan,guatemala.i believe what i saw was two seperate enteties.the white lights come from the heavens or space,the red ones come from the underworld which is hot,that is why they glow reddish orange or fireish.when the white grabs the red the red freaks and pulsates red dark red dark,this is to show us who is more powerful!praise God!

  2. We need to ask ourselves, what if they are some kind of liberators ? I mean with the political climate the way it is here on earth right now ,it would make all the sense that this would be the case . Obama moving our troops out of Iraq and the NWO as well as the UN's agenda stalled right now because they are all crooks. look around ,at one time someone had invested a great deal into this

  3. Soon we will know about why we see these UFO&#39;s.<br />Sign&#39;s equalls revelation.<br />It&#39;s like a warning of what is to come.<br />You can&#39;t hide.Or run because our time is running out.It is to late……. look at what we have become as a nation.We had the world in the palm of our hand, millions are starving only 5% ever make it to the top.Look at rejection.Every one has the right

  4. The bottom video… the red orb that turns to green and white at the top of the screen. My boyfriend, his stister, and myself saw an orb exactly like that tonight. We were heading east across 528 and couldn&#39;t believe what we were seeing. It was bright green at first then switched to red and finally to white. Looking out the truck windshield it went to the right then changed quickly to the

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