UFO filmed over Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 27-Sep-2011

UFO videos 2011 – This unidentified flying object was seen and recorded in the sky above Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada on 27th September 2011 around 8:40 pm.
Witness report: UFO sighting September 27th 2011, 8:40pm. Observed over a tree farm in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Object estimated to be less than 1 Kilometre away. Object appeared in sky out of nowhere slowly moved to the right and then back to the left, hovered then began to come closer towards us. Started to run at the end of the video, saw object began to descend and lost sight after it went below tree line. No sound from object. Dark area on the horizon in the video is the tree line we are standing at the front left corner of a large field and the tree farm is a grid seperated by rows of trees. Object appeared in the Northwest.
Author (barriekicks @ youtube)

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  1. This is interesting, I hear/see lots of UFO activity, I saw a article once on a UFO in the cascades ,Washington, it seems they are literally everywhere and in every country.

  2. Wow! What great footage! Definitely looks like an extraterrestrial craft. Definitely a UFO because I don't know what the heck it is.

  3. Me and my wife confirm that we saw the same UFO over Markham Ontario on 12 Nov 2012 going south east. Same kind of lighting scheme we saw 3 red lights going in a sequence and a solid green light in between altogether 4 lights in a row. Object was flying very low but was making no sound. By the time I could take a video it was far away I have a video I will post but you can hardly see the red

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