2 videos of triangle UFO formation over Cardiff, UK 27-Sep-2011

UFO videos – Two new clips of unknown objects or orbs flying in triangle formation in the sky above Cardiff in United Kingdom. Both videos were recorded on 27th September 2011.

7:48 pm

This is sighting 1 of 2 of either a formation of 3 ufos or one single object with 3 points of light, please watch the other video as well which was some 15 minutes later on this very same evening

8:01 pm

This is the second sighting of either 3 ufos in formation or 1 single ufo with 3 points of light, it only becomes obvious after about 40 seconds that there is actually 3 points of light.
Author (ruderob11 @ youtube)

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  1. its sats, if you look on any updated phone with location, sat nav etc, you can tell how many sats up up there in your area, just aquerie in what direction were they heading and what type of telescope do you have as im interested, many thanks

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