UFOs flying over Stevenage in Hertfordshire, UK 7-Oct-2011

UFO videos – This footage of unidentified flying objects was submitted to me today, it was recorded over Stevenage in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on 7th October 2011 around 10:30.
Witness report: I filmed this short peace of fotage using a yukon ranger night vision monocular and was recorded with the Yukon MPR kit. I watched these objects for about 20 seconds but unfortunately the recording was only 9 seconds due to the battery running out (Gutted). It was a clear star lit night on the 7th of october 2011 over the skys of Stevenage, Hertfodshire in the UK. The time on the recording is wrong it was actually recorded at roughly 10.30pm GMT. The objects travelled in a north westely direction, these could not be seen with the naked eye. I have my Yukon Ranger hooked up to a 15″ monitor so I had a good, clear, view on this. The objects must of been very high and triversed the sky very fast as you can see by the fixed stars. Someone theorized that the objects may be balloons, Is this possible? I would love to know your views and opinions on the fotage.
Author: Steve
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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  1. The footage is very short but the left to right crossover of the two middle objects and then the acceleration displayed by them following the said crossover manoeuvre would certainly point to the fact that the objects were some form of powered vehicle under intelligent control. The objects certainly don’t display the expected movement patterns of either balloons or lanterns and even though the

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