Unidentified flying objects in the night sky above Merced, California 23-Sep-2011

UFO sightings – Some kind of triangle formations were recorded in the sky above Merced in California on 23rd September 2011.

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  1. Why do some people think this is fake?Why do they at all check these videos?????NOT FAKE – The sky is full of spaceships from other worlds and allways have been..Just check Ancient aliens-very very simple.Sooo if anybody make fake ufovideos–PLEEEEEASE stop that-totally not interesting to see shit(sorry)homemade fakes-pisses me off.Not alot does!!!Kindergarden!!!!!But hugs to all anyway

  2. Nice video. There´s a part of this video, minute 2:33, that something like an orb passed very soon. Would be nice if people that were there could explain this.

  3. Ok I voted this one as real, real balloons tied together in groups of 3. Not just average balloons but the silver shiny kind to reflect sunlight, and because the never made any movement other than by the wind.

  4. There's a part 2 to this from 2007 on Youtube. This is OLD and sure it isn't night-time. Why now??? Somebody boared???

  5. For some People they must build cameras with out zoom it suck feal zoom in zoom out zoom in zoom out zoom in zoom out zoom in zoom out

  6. This is the real deal!! Fredrick, you have witnessed only a few in their whole life may experience. So many fly bys…great shots in all. Do you notice how people don't stop in aaahhh of the wonder of our universe, instead go back to changing a tire on the truck…it's because we already know the creator of our DNA and it is a natural thing, unless you get some yee haw with a gun and

  7. time 0.36 a small one….yeah it's obviously not a hoax and the amount of witnesses that were backwards in nature..kind of like the hillbillies of central california….not a hoax in my own opinion…some one needs to pin point this area. Merced is a no nothing town unless there is a military installation no one knows about.

  8. At 2:33, I think it was a bird. I apologize for all of the zoom in zoom out. I know it was annoying in retrospect but there was so much going on that it was hard to choose what to point at. There is much more to this footage when slowed down. My other channel at PSYLEOSEVEN on You Tube has much more links (favorites list) to detailed videos studying the events that occurred on that day…

  9. Ummmmm …. BALLOONS!!!! Hello McFly!!!!!<br /><br />My Lord, C&#39;mon people!!!<br /><br />FYI …. Rule #1 …… STOP FREAKING ZOOMING IN AND OUT EVERY 3.7 SECONDS OVER THE COURSE OF 5 MINUTES!!!!!<br />My God that is frustrating! If I am EVER fortunate enough to capture something with the &#39;potential&#39; to be an alien craft or even a secret military ship … I&#39;d make sure I pinpoint

  10. No,…They weren&#39;t Mylar balloons. Mylar balloons are very small in scale. Just one of these objects is at least the same size as the circumference of the fuselage of a typical jumbo jet as clearly illustrated by this video…

  11. Sorry but they look like balloons to me also. There are other objects that show up that are more brow raising throughout the clip to possibly being U F O&#39;s

  12. Yep, the fly by clearly shows three points of light…triangle that sped across the screen…heck, baloons don&#39;t fly in formation at mach speed…<br />I say good job…and those nay sayers are every where mr. cee, just open yourself to the truth, thats all, but thanks for posting it…yeah, I am a beliver an witness to UFO&#39;s and a alien encounter myself.

  13. I wish those who do record possible UFO video&#39;s would at first learn how to operate their camera. If solely for UFO&#39;s then please, turn off auto focus and set zoom to infinity. Plus none of this continuous zoom in zoom out, sure zoom in to a point where you have a decent reference point within the shot for analysis purposes &amp; if you&#39;re zooming in max then leave it in max for

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