Unknown flashing lights over New Jersey, US 3-Oct-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This footage of flashing objects hovering in the sky near Belleville in New Jersey was recorded on Monday, 3rd October 2011 at 6:14 am.
Witness report: i ran downstairs to get a better shot of the ufo, check out part 1 of this, this ufo is simply amazing. thanks to my kids for seeing this. 🙂 i always try to make sense of things in the sky. u can not make sense of the ufo videos i have recorded, none of them are airplanes or helicopters but ufos. its similar lights like in my other ufo videos on you tube. this thing did make sounds like the ufo video outside stop n shop i recorded. any honest people that see ufos in the sky please upload to you tube or let me know if u have been seeing ufos in the sky thanks :-). if u see anything mysterious please share :-). we are all searching for the truth right? we all want to know whats going on. we dont live in the world with just animals. lol there are many mysterious things happening. i believe in ufos yes i do . in this video u see the green light that stays in the back of the ufo just like in my other ufo video in front of stop n shop. the red and white lights on this video was rotating around it back and forth. the shape of this ufo was similar to both of my other ufo videos. omg i cant believe this. ufos are amazing. thanks for not killing us lol. they just fly around the world and dont do anything to harm us hope they are the good guys i think so. they have been disabling nuclear missiles, evidence of this is on you tube in news reports. top officials on camera stated this. they witness the ufo dismandling their missles. the ufos got in front of the missiles aim beams at the missiles and stop the nuclear missiles from taking off. that is powerful. that proof is also on video for every one to see. look it up on you tube. many top officials have came out on live camera and stated ufos are real. even air plane pilots have come out and stated this too. ufos are real. people are disclosing this info on the news and cable channels i think cnn is where i saw some info on this too. its all over you tube look it up and see for yourself. think about when was the last time u heard of a nuclear missile going off? hmm i havent heard of it in a long time. u wonder why? well the ufos are stopping them with their beams from the ufo. freaking amazing. thanks 🙂
Author (31diamond32love @ youtube)

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  1. It would have been nice to see it but it sounded like a helicopter or a plane. Didnt see anything but a black and an occasional street light from the unsteady camera. The video is nothing but a bunch of excited kids who didnt focus the camera on ot. Lol. I heard a bunch of talking about it and clicking and the sound of a plane or helicopter. Bummer, with all the excitement it would have been

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