U.S. Navy UFO-Like Unmanned Aircraft Successfully Took First Test Flight

The U.S. Navy attained an innovative milestone for an advanced cutting edge UFO-like stealth drone when it properly rolled away its landing gear and travelled in cruise settings for the very first time, engineers announced in October 2011.
Designed by Northrop Grumman, the X-47B is a strike fighter-sized unmanned aircraft having no tail engineered to take off from and land on moving aircraft carriers at sea. New photographs released show an advanced, virtually UFO-like plane.
The test flight, executed at Edwards Air Force Base, helped verify hardware and software that would allow the X-47B to land with accuracy on a moving deck, the firm explained.
Janis Pamiljans, high ranked- official at Northrop Grumman’s Aerospace Systems division, said that the test flight presented them their first clear look at the aerodynamic cruise efficiency of the X-47B air system and the vehicle was exhibiting all of their predictions. He added that reaching the critical test point proves the rising readiness of the air system, and its preparedness to proceed to the next stage of flight testing.
The plane is a portion of the U.S. Navy’s expanding fleet of drones as the military seek to move out from manned vehicle.
Northrop Grumman expects to have properly showcased the first carrier-based launch by 2013 with independent in-air refueling coming one year after.
It may be a coincidence but the design of the unmanned aircraft may have been taken from the design of the reported sightings of UFOs. 
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  1. "Made In The U.S.A. : Flying Saucers." For a better New World Order. You can get it in a polished aluminum. Remote Control, EXTRA. See our projected Lunar Model in the works North of Las Vegas,NV.(Then take a Top Secret class from Bob Lazar. You will be filled in on traveling faster than the speed of light. He will tell you about the Saucer Craft he saw, and even the Saucer Craft he

  2. I wish this site could weed out the idiots who click on "fake" on everything uploaded here. What's "fake" about this plane? Either we have them or we don't…it's that simple! So if you disagree with the part about the U.S. having these planes, then post a comment as to why or how you know that. Otherwise, go back to doing what you do best…living your bleak

  3. If someyhing is Top Secret then you will never know and making aliens look like this and make us afraid of them is the baddest thing Illuminati and Maj12 could have done with NSA and CIA ever bad to us. Ps. THere was previous space program made by previous civilisation and they have found gold on the Moon and a ship, ruin, but why should they told all people, why should you share what and care what I know, if there will be always debunker, unbelievers and government master puppets to disguise us with CGI to make us stupid so that we believe there is nothing, and rule us more easily? Think about it and watch X Files. Then after 16 years of CGI You will know what is fake or not. I invite all who read it to the end to the Facebook Group: “UFO I want to believe”. All what we hackers post there, its true and checked by specialists. Good luck constructing flying ships.

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