Huge UFO over Sydney, Australia 26-Nov-2011

UFO videos – This huge unidentified flying object was filmed in the sky above Sydney in Australia on Sunday, 26th November 2011.

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  1. Something has been up here lately (Sydney). Was woken last night to very loud choppers screaming up and down the harbour chasing a dark form. Only tail rotor red light was lit on one chopper. There is a total aircraft ban and curfew after 11;30 here which makes this really weird. Not the first time this has happened either. As for this post, saw the same from my kitchen window looking west over

  2. i was a festival in sydney on the 27th of november and i saw something very much the same as this except that there was two lights. they came from the north and flew in perfect formation towards the south for a period of around two minutes before going behinds clouds. 10 minutes later two choppers started flying through the area. i have no idea what they were, but i have never seen anything like

  3. WTF ???<br />I say that about some of the comments.<br />One idiot says it&#39;s the moon.<br />Garydobby says &#39;not ufo&#39;…okay gary, IDENTIFY THE Fn&#39; thing !<br />Next idiot says it doesn&#39;t appear to be moving.<br />So…IT DIDN&#39;T go behind a cloud?<br />And many say &#39;not huge&#39;…well you get your fat useless butt up there for a comparison !<br />I say thanks for the

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