Strange UFO sighting in the sky above Belgium 15-Nov-2011

Latest UFO sightings – Strange UFO activity was seen and recorded in the night sky above Gouy-Lez-Pieton in Belgium on Tuesday, 15th November 2011.

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  1. What do u people mean by clicking FAKE..What is it u think is fake in this video..This is VERY real believe that or continue beeing stupid&ignorant and asleep

  2. Interesting,the closest thing to a normal explanation would be it looks slightly like a square parachute maybe night parachuting with lights but saying that I'm not totally convinced with that statement.

  3. I like the way you show the land and then the huge jump to the sky! why couldn't you show us theland and the sky together.? that would of proved your video was real. good try but not quite good enough..

  4. WOW! Everyone can plainly see the energized multi-colored carona. (A very special and unusual U.F.O.)Thanks for the beautiful plus remarkable footage!

  5. This objet has some similarity to that sighting filmed over turkey, where was possible to see two alien heads in front of the ufo. You remember ?

  6. Gouy-Lez-Pieton is a place in Belgium and not, as stated here in France, also there is no airport in the town, thus the position shown lights not guaranteed at this location is specified. <br />The rest is probably manipulated on the computer rather than that it has held a real event.

  7. I thought that all the debunkers were on youtube, seem not. Please do not permit them to hound you or be afraid to give your honest opinion…otherwise they win. Their objective is to sufforcate free thought and negatively influence public opinion. Seems to me like a conspiracy!!

  8. Interesting. I&#39;m just wondering why no one else reported this since I can clearly hear cars in the background. I&#39;m also wondering how much distortion was caused by zooming in.

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