UFO activity over Maspeth, New York 27-Nov-2011

UFO sightings – These unknown lights were seen and recorded in the sky over Maspeth in New York on Sunday, 27th November 2011.
Witness report: 5:30am, starting my day at work when suddenly I saw this weird lights in the sky.
Author (MyDomenech @ youtube)

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  1. Good ufo shooting, bro!<br />Thank you!<br /><br />- in focus? check<br />- stable camera position? check<br />- adequate light? check<br />- good visual point of reference? check<br />- no inane commentary? check

  2. we just seen the same thing here in pace FL me and my wife went out for a cigerett and at first i thought i was going crazy but i asked my wife if she seen the lights also and she did and our daughter came out side and seen them too so if im crazy they are too but we seen them around 6:15 here p.m.

  3. My only concern is that those lights are reflections onto glass from a non-cosmic source.<br /><br />This footage is short enough for that and there is no panning from left to right to test this possibility.

  4. This video is short, clear and doesn&#39;t use music to hype it up. This doesn&#39;t seem to be part of some lights advertising something. It seems that UFOs are coming even closer to human beings by letting them know they&#39;re watching us. It doesn&#39;t seem to be threatening, but almost a colorful way of attracting us.

  5. As much as I believe in UFOs, this is a fake. I live by Maspeth, and these are nothing more than plane warning tower poles… they were on because of the fog and weather today. (rain) A lot of planes fly the same route and you can see a lot of planes flying by. I see these towers a lot driving to work. Sorry for the let down.

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