UFO activity over Niagara Falls in Canada – Oct-2011

UFO videos – New footage of strange flashing lights in the sky over Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada. These were recorded in late October (29th – 31st) 2011.
More info in the video!
Witness report: UFO Niagara Falls Ontario Canada lights return multiple nights and are seen TURNING, which completely puts the light pillar theory off the possibilities list.
Author (shivercanada @ youtube)

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  1. What is interesting about this vid, is that whatever the flashing beacon was it disturbed the internal circuits of the camera with each pass,and at one point even affected the processer. Looks like a very powerfull scanning beam. Yhe quetion is,why whats there? Anew tunnel for one thing and maybe something a little bigger than we were told? whatever it is THEY were interestsd enough to scan it

  2. I must say I don't understand this video at all…seems to be showing a rotating beacon and possible incoming aircraft lights–if it moved 150 degrees, how is it you don't have the event on tape just this seemingly before and after? I don't think this shows us anything mysterious at all. Rather the mystery is why did you record and post?

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