UFO fleet over New Orleans, Louisiana 12-Nov-2011

UFO videos – This UFO fleet was recorded in the night sky above New Orleans in Louisiana on Saturday, 12th November 2011.
What do you think these objects were?

Your opinion?
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  1. This looks to me, like a Mothership followed by the usual smaller spacecrafts, it's with great expectation and joy I watched this video!

    • New Orleans is below sea level. That was a ship in the Mississippi river passing by. If you lived in New Orleans you would have seen this before.<br /><br /><br />Dean F<br />New Orleans

    • there is no way that they are lanterns. look at the formations. every time they clear the screen, another formation comes in. alway in 3s. the beginning…it seems like either a large cluster or some kind of lead ship. i dont want to say Mothership but for all intents and purposes, that is what it appears to be. I grew up in Belle Chasse, right across the intercoastal cannal. I have seen lights

  2. They don&#39;t look anything like lanterns because they&#39;re moving in formation across the sky in a very deliberate direction. It&#39;s as if they&#39;re trying to get our attention.<br /><br />I&#39;m just wondering where the government is? Why no helicopters or military jets checking this out? Isn&#39;t this a cause for national security? The lack of government concern is outrageous as they

  3. wow, that&#39;s a lot of UFOs…<br /><br />still, I should say, that they&#39;re couple of years here.. they put/encode their messages in crop circles etc. … just YouTube it: &quot;crop circle&quot;, &quot;Ea&quot; / &quot;Enki&quot;, &quot;Sumerians&quot;… they&#39;re everywhere now, even where I live as well<br /><br />let&#39;s prepare for a disclosure 🙂

  4. Was it cloudy? Any noise? Any idea about when these started flying over? How log did they last? Was there any News reports and/or any explanation?

  5. We attended a party at the weekend where approximately 50 chinese lanterns were launched.<br />Upon observing them,some would fly perfectly together whilst others would hit pressure pockets and twirl around one another.<br />It&#39;s easy to see why these are often reported as UFO&#39;s.<br /><br />Approx 15% of sightings are unexplained, unfortunately I think this one makes up a proportion of

  6. Holy Crap! We&#39;re being invaded by…Chinese Lanterns! Sorry folks but releasing chinese lanterns is now very popular at parties weddings etc and then everyone films them and posts it on YouTube claiming a UFO invasion. Nothing to get excited about. Still waiting for that video that is the indisputable proof of an extraterestial space craft.

  7. That is very similar to what I saw in Northeast Ohio. As much as I would have loved for them to be &quot;Chinese lanterns&quot; -there is no way they were. Still freaked out about it because of the numerous amounts.It looked so threatening that I called 911 thinking it may be some kind of terrorist event. I had witnessed a huge triangle leading the fleet of at least a dozen orbs. I ran in the

  8. I was an eye witness to these flying over head. I have spent the last couple days trying to convince my self that they were Japanese lanterns. Still not convinced. It was a weekend for weddings though! It was unique and exciting none the less

  9. For me are ballons with fire inside of them. In Argentina are very comun for New Year Eve. I believe in USA you call these ballons as Chinese Lanterns. They are not UFOs.

  10. Over the last decade, the metro New Orleans area has been subject to fly-overs by every kind of aircraft imaginable. At Halloween time, black, unmarked helicopters fly over City Park where a &quot;music festival&quot; is taking place, and after the fly-overs, people under the line of flight complain of sinus and asthma problems; were they spraying something down on us from those helicopters?

  11. New Orleans is very much in the eyes of those who have interests in space. The factory where fuel tanks for the space shuttles were made is out there; could it be being turned into another Area 51 clone? On Halloween, black, unmarked helicopters fly over City Park where there is a &quot;music festival&quot; going on; people who live or are in the park under the flight path complain of asthma and

  12. As a pyrotechnician i have shot shells that have Chinese Lanterns in them. Not once have they gone above their zenith. Gravity does not allow this. The ones that was seen on Jan 1, 2012 in metairie we south to north bound one behind the other. Not that far off the ground, not in a normal flight path of aircraft. No sound just the single reddish orange flame looking illumination. Seven to nine of

  13. I live in new Orleans and have attended Chinese lantern parties. The person with the video should have walked to the next street to see where they were headed.

  14. this comes a bit late but I was an eyewitness to this event! I wactched this event from the dragon&#39;s den balcony on esplenade avenue on the outskirts of the french quarter between the the quarter and the marigny! I along with several of my employees witnessed it along with the other hundred or more people staring into the sky in the street and on other balconies! I use a galaxy s II and

  15. I was the eyewitness that just posted I saw this video three days after it posted on the internet, this video is small chunk of how many were in the sky and how long they were actually visible! if i had to &quot;guesstimate&quot; probably around 45 minutes!

  16. something else…this event lasted longer than the length of the video, and in the span of 4-5 minutes I counted roughly 43-44 lights! this lasted for somewhere in the range of 35-45 maybe more of them. there were way more than 50 lights as someone said they released approximately 50lanterns. I know 3 people with me at the time of the event that witnessed far more than 50 lights over longerthan a

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