Unknown transparent like craft over Sendai, Japan 30-Sep-2011

Jaime Maussan Yohanan Diaz presents strange daytime UFO recorded in Sendai in Japan on 30th September 2011.

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  1. So many different spaceships appear the last couple of years and 2011 is absolutely record in close encounters..Nice ex..from Japan&Berlin latest..Absolutely warms my giant heart.Knowing what there visit is about..SUPER COOL and nessacary in these kaotic times..The change is very very near yeaaaah

  2. It looks like a weather ballon so all things being considered it probably is.<br />If it had made a few maneuvers I would have been like &#39;shit&#39;<br />But it didn&#39;t, it just floated like a ballon.

  3. I don&#39;t buy the weather balloon theory, it&#39;s shape is too regular, a weather balloon would show more deformation as the surface pressure changed during its movement through the air.<br />Difficult to explain this one tbh, good catch!

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