Bright flashing UFOs over California and Arizona 29-Nov-2011

UFO sightings – Two new videos of bright unidentified flying objects in the night skies over Ojai, California and Tucson, Arizona. Both videos were recorded on Tuesday, 29th November 2011.
Witness description of the UFO over California: I went outside and noticed the object changing colors rapidly. It looked to be flickering green, red and white strobe. I went inside and got my binoculars. Thru them the object appeared to be moving, but i knew that could be due to the binoculars. So I got my HD vid camera and first observed it hand held. I was so amazed by the sight that we got a tri-pod and set it up. The video at that point speaks for itself. Fading in and out, changing colors, red strobe on the surface, brilliant lime green body at times. It continued for about 40 mins and then i noticed a few regular looking planes approach it. After that it was gone in a few minutes. We observed 4 other sets of the same lights, in other parts of the horizon. I didn’t film them as this one appeared to be the closest so I stayed on it. I have lots more video, but I only attached the one below due to the size (I shot in HD).
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. Do you have a Life? A Job? True people in the field do look at these sites also. Some of our Videos are not UFO's, except maybe to you. I know your area, Flightpaths, The Mountain,etc. Information is one thing. Seeking fame another. Just some of our views, and the Cat get's trying to look at all the time.

  2. Damn idiots who can't hold the camera steady. This is worthless crap. Sheilaliens is nothing more than an attempt to create ad revenue.

  3. Seeking fame??From what? A ufo video?? Come on man,noone seeks fame through that anymore!! Maybe in the 70ties-hehheh..Theres is totally full of life outthere-allover,wake up…

  4. i always want to find somthing i cant explain,i do not belive this is altered footage,but it looks to me to be a helicopter with a search light, twards the end it turns off or redirects the spotlight and then the strobes are visible on the tail and nose i,dont belive this is the aroura project lol

  5. Im with you, I live in Tucson and I would say 90% of the UFO's shiela claims to be filming in tucson ARE PLANES!!! We have an airport and an airforce base adjoining tucson. The vast majority of her 'ufos" are PLANES imo!!! Please invest in a better camera so that we can actually see these objects close up if you truly are filming them all the time.

  6. I too saw a similar object earlier this week over west Phoenix. I was driving west and saw very bright square flashes near the horizon. I've made this trip hundreds of times and this was the first time I have seen that light. It was raining and I was looking at the incoming flight path for Sky Harbor, however I could make out the other planes on approach and this object did not look like the

  7. My son and I watched this very same flickering blue light near Prescott Arizona the same night! Planes crossed in front of it so I know it wasn't an airplane. Airplane lights are white red and green. Never have I witnessed an airplane with blue lights that stays stationary.

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