Unknown lights hovering above Denver, Colorado 28-Nov-2011

Latest UFO sightings – These bright objects were seen and recorded hovering in the night sky above Lakewood in Denver, Colorado on Monday, 28th November 2011.

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  1. I cant say that they are not real because when you move the camera they move aswell. At first I would have said that your camera is capturing some kind of light reflecting off the clouds onto a cloud or something but then a third one showed up! Freaky..?

  2. this is chillingly similar to the ufo i seen in baltimore recently with a coworker,also to the ny sighting ,im not ruling out somone popping flairs but the movment of this type has me scratching my head,my gut says we are being observed-matt_bpd

  3. Hmmmm no doubt in my mind,sure ships from other worlds..They are seen in millions these last 2years,and taped in hundred000´s as well,there is a meaning!!Ofcourse!!Soon very soon brothers&sisters…The change is near-hearts will dance&happiness will come to us all-I KNOW this for a fact!!!Take too many words to explain/proof here-time will tell anyway hugs to everything from Santa c

  4. People who think that the UFO doesn&#39;t exist is just a stupid! <br />We&#39;re not alone of course. I hope i will see someday a real UFO.<br /><br />Regards from Bulgaria

  5. Those are definately UFO&#39;s if you watch close enough, when the third light appears, around 1:22-1:32 you can see one of the other lights almost flash, it looks like it shot the other one out, dont know if im crazy and seeing that, but thats what it looks like to me, ive watched that part about 10 times, looks like it flashes, just like theUFO in Jerusalem in January 2011/.

  6. OMG…I saw the exact same lights the same time (5:30-5:45pm on 11/28/11 hovering over NYC. There were between 3-5 at any given time and I also have a video. Have to figure out how to post it here but this is FREAKY!!!

  7. Did anyone else see the same exact thing as the video over the Illinois/Indiana border near I80 expressway border at 6:00pm CST?

  8. had a few similar sightings here in christchurch new zealand all this year crazy stuff how <br />close are we to disclosure? soon i hope

  9. Good video!!!!<br />I&#39;ve noticed that there are no debunkers comments on this particular video. Maybe they are finally coming round to the idea that we are not alone given the fact that there has been a massive upsurge in UFO sightings. For any of you that maybe interested in the Galactic Federation of Light copy and paste the link below into your browsers address bar and sign up for emails!!

  10. Commercial aircraft landing lights; located on the nose gear strut; aircraft &quot;stacked&quot; on final approach into KDEN. Have we, as a people, become so friggin&#39; stupid that we&#39;ve lost our critical thinking skills?

  11. This is happening all over the world. It seems that they&#39;re getting closer to us as they observe us. These UFOs are too high up to be part of an advertisement billboard or the lights on top of a building. I believe that disclosure will come within the next few years when one of them lands, much like in the &quot;Day the Earth Stood Still&quot;.

  12. It is bizzare to even comment on this, but I am a young man and know that I am not crazy, I am in chesapeake virginia, and on 12/1/11, I witnessed a boomerang shaped object in the sky at 8:20 pm. I know what I saw, but when you tell others they think you are crazy. On 11/30/11, at 4:20 pm, I saw an orange orb while still daylight, if people would just look at the sky more, they would all be

  13. It depends which direction you were going could be lights in the mountains from houses in the hills or cars at a look out point or something like that maybe radio antennas on peaks of mountains or something along them lines

  14. There&#39;s something happening here. My advice would be simply keep your heart and your minds open. we owe it to ourselves to ask questions and seek answers. Love binds and pain tears and I truly hope to see pain tear away from this world and love congregate. &lt;3 -But I digress.. Peace and understanding in the bigger picture can be found within. Do you have the courage to open your mind?

  15. Glad to see someone is rational. The Denver airport is located right in that direction. I flew out Monday coincidentally as my brother lives in Lakewood. I believe in extra terrestrials but sorry to burst everyone&#39;s bubble, there just airplanes. I&#39;m probably on the Jetblue to the right.

  16. These three lights that we have all seen around the world are very similar to the formations of the pyramids of Egypt. They also closley resemble the star formation of Orion&#39;s Belt. Are these mere conicedences reoccuring over thousands of years or something being communicated. Other life forms may be trying to communicate visually….the most primative form. back to the basics. open your eyes

  17. My sister and I witnessed something similar a few miles away from where this video was taken. We were driving to King Soopers grocery store heading west on Kipling near Belleview. It was the end of July 2011 just after dusk. A white light appeared overhead in front of us and hovered for a while then turned orange and disappeared. As we observed it we tried to figure out what the heck it was. We

  18. I like to believe as much as the next guy but has no one ever seen plains lining up on approach with their landing spotlights on before? Obviously the guy shooting it knows or he wouldn&#39;t waste time giving an intro and would be more concerned with getting some good footage before the.

  19. i havent seen a ufo in real life sure would love to,however these sightings are all similar ,if nobody believes there is something else out there geez,i get goose bumps. i love it , this is certainly real ,why did american governments wanting to blow up the moon couple of years ago?,ETs are based on the moon .we are their children ,i hope we dont shoot at them ,might start a retaliation ,this is

  20. i lived in leadville for many years. my friend, myself and my brothers dog&quot;yes dog&quot; saw a orange basket ball looking ufo over mount zion just outside of leadville. when we spotted it EVERYTHING got silent. i could see odin&quot;my brothers dog&quot; barking at it but i couldnt move, or hear anything. it went straight up into the sky as soon as we spotted it(it WAS sort of following the

  21. This is really crazy because my husband and i live in Northglenn, Colorado and actually have a video and pictures a month after on December 29th of those exact same lights. We called my friend that night and she saw them too. They didn&#39;t move for more that 30 minutes and were to bright to be airplanes…

  22. I have begun to notice a pattern of the same 3-5 of these UFO&#39;s all over the world. I&#39;m a 14 year old girl, but that dosent mean I dont pay attention. They have been appearing the most populated areas first Denver, NYC, Dallas, Moscow/Russia, Sydney/Australia. They seem to really be set on these people abundant places. What does this mean?

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