Extraterrestrials Have Been Interested in Earth’s Gold Deposits?

Greed may not be only present in humankind and when someone wants to learn about it, looking at the sky and finding little green men might be a good idea.
A UFO Science and Consciousness Conference organizer in Johannesburg said that aliens have been stealing gold in Earth for thousands of years.
Conference organizer Michael Tellinger revealed that some dark forces have been on Earth and governments around the world are puppets and instruments in the implementation of the will of a small group of individuals. He added that the royal political bloodline goes back thousands of years.
Tellinger said that aliens went down to Earth around 300,000 years ago to get gold, cloned their selves and made contact to world leaders since then. He pointed out that South Africa is the center of the alien’s gold searching activity because of its richness in diamonds and gold deposits.
According to Tellinger, South Africa is where all life form started and the place is the cradle of humankind. He said that they have evidence proving that there was physical life before humans which were African knowledge keepers and custodians of secret knowledge.
Tellinger’s claims on extraterrestrials were not the only interesting ideas brought in the forum. The great-granddaughter of former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower alleged that world leaders have encountered aliens and even signed treaties with them every ten years. She said the government has been working with extra-terrestrials for many years.
Bigfoot expert Lloyd Pye discussed about a strange shape skull that believed to be not from humans and hypnotist Jennifer Welch told the crowd about the crystal skulls. The event featured 13 international speakers.
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  1. I would venture to say, Gold is not used as a monetary devise, but more of a operational energy transporter. Example, Gold is the best conductor of electricity known to man. Electromechanical UFO's using gold neutron atoms infused with urainuim neutron, which was mined in the Peru dessert, could be used for some kind of soild nucular power. If quarts had the importance of use as gold has,

  2. Of course they are interested in our gold. You didn't think they were interested in us, did you? The Earthlings' only value is in his/her ability to mine the gold for them.

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