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Your UFO reports: 10th December – 17th December 2011
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Spotted in SE London from a tower block in NE London – 18-12-2011 Time 16:15 to 16:30
I live in a tower block in NE London! I am 5 floors up and have an extensive view. Other than a low thin dark cloud it was a clear sky! I was looking out at my fantastic view, which i always do! I saw a grey dot in the sky, no clouds around it, it was distant but large enough to just see it with the naked eye! I got out my binoculars and was stunned when i saw a triangle, it was big!! It had 2 small flashing white lights on the bottom!. I watched it for 15 minutes, just hanging in the sky, as dusk crept in it got difficult to see and eventually i lost it! My first triangular ship! I don’t believe it was an alien vehicle, man made probably but still exciting just the same!
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Nr Lichfield Staffs UK (exact see report) – 18-12-2011
Place. A38, travelling between Derby and Lichfield UK.
Conditions, Clear sky with whisps of cloud towards direction of travel. Sun setting. Temp near 0 deg. virtually no wind.
Direction of travel. Average 217.19 deg on A38 from Derby to Lichfield.
Estimated Direction to object 201 deg from position I took photo, Lat 52deg 41min 36sec Lon 1deg 47min 87sec, with an upward angle of 30deg. An extension of this line passes close to Sutton Park (biggest Municipal Park in Europe) and straight on to Birmingham City Centre, though no distance along this line could be ascertained.
SIGHTING. While driving along the A38 from Derby to Lichfield between 16-15 and 16-30 on the 18-12-2011, the sun was setting in the West when I noticed a bright light in the sky in front and to the left of our line of travel at an estimated upward angle of 30deg. I mentioned this to my daughter, who said she also had noticed it. It was of an apparently similar brightness as Venus and did not have any apparent movement for the fifteen minutes we travelled towards it at approx 60MPH.
Photograph. The photo was taken by a Panasonic TZ4 using the max 10X telephoto setting.
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania – 12/18/2011
i saw an object in the sky in form of an egg approximately 2 to 3 minutes around 3:50 in the afternoon. it was silver then it disappeared and i couldnt see anymore
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Dunedin, Florida – 12/17/2011
Between 7:00 and 7:30 PM there was at least 15 large (UFO’S) orange glowing lights moving from the NW to the SE there was no sound coming from them. Both my wife and I saw them.
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Seminole, Oklahoma – 12/14/2011
2025 hrs. Bright light in South Eastern sky. Zig Zag movement, visual for about seven minutes. No noise, deep pulse of sound (Inaudible) but felt by seven others.Disappeared with no fade, no movement. Witnessed at two other locations in Seminole, Oklahoma.
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west London (Greenford) , UK – 14/12/2011, c.23.00-23.05
quite clear sky, Orion and other constellations visible, half moon, not too many artificial lights around.
a bright light , looking like a star shooting appeared suddenly in the dark part of the sky, swooshed through quite a distance very fast and disappeared .
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Rome, Italy – 14 December 2011 at 23.43
I’ve seen a bright orange object in the sky. it was a big ball moving.
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Australia, WA – Tuesday 13th December 10pm – 12pm
Check this video out its 2 objects could be shooting stars or maybe a ufo since theres 2 im not sure its not taken in video but in photos in a time lapse its only 20 seconds long and im not trying to get views just found out the answer to what these 2 objects are
Youtube video link:
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York, Pennsylvania – 12-12-11 2:00am
I was outside smoking a cigarette when a bright light caught my eye. At first I thought it was just a plane or a star but it was just sitting still in the sky probably 5-10 miles away and all of a sudden it dropped in a matter of 1 second. It was way to fast to be a helicopter.
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Meridian, Mississippi – 12.12.2011 16:30
At Bonita Lakes in Meridian, Ms, we saw a strange elliptical shaped shiny light thingamajig in the sky. It was definitely not a a plane or a weather balloon. The movement did not appear to be random and would stop at times. It was faint yet distinct going between clouds. I am not saying it was alien but it was not identifiable to anything that I had seen before.
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San Jose on 17 Freeway going towards Santa Cruz – 12 Dec 2011 @ 7:00PM PST
Driving southbound on highway 17 tonight. On the left side of the mountains, I saw something that looked like a blue light traveling very fast in a southwesterly direction (looked like it was heading toward the mountains around Almaden). It seemed very bright, maybe like a light blue light.
I assumed it might have been a meteor. It wasn’t in the right area to be an airplane (ie, at SJC airport – which I had just passed minutes before on my right side), too fast to be a helicopter or anything else.
It was quite cloudy today and the clouds were laying low. So it broke through the lower cloud layer, appeared for a few seconds at most, and disappeared, moving in the same direction that it started at.
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Listowel Kerry, Ireland – 12-12-11
There was red and blue lights over the football pitch and after two maybe three minutes it went away.
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Mount Cheam – 12th December 2011
I seen a ufo that looked like the north star and the north star was on the left wher the ufo was it made a star brither then it was so ther were two star that looked like the north star withing ten secodes later it faded away then the star that light up from the ufo went to dark like you could not see if you dont belive me bring ufo hunter from tv show and i will more then happy to take a lie detecter or just tell what it was pretty coo see thanks see ya soon
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Link of ISS record 12-12-2011
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Malibu, CA Near Topanga State Park – 12/11/11 3:30pm PST
Was driving on highway 1 near Topanga State Park and saw 3 objects in the air! WTF!!!

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Spanaway, WA (rural – SE 8th) – 12/11/11
Northbound 8th SE when a HUGE round “fireball” caught my eye. It was electric blue with a yellowish red backside followed by a massive blue streak. At slight incline with tremendous speed (such as that of a shooting star but there was plenty of time to track it) Beautiful sight but never have seen anything to compare it to. Sky crystal clear and it was obviously going down on a course. First thought was a meteor then space junk. If anyone else saw, please note at this we sit.
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West Denver, Colorado – Dec 11, 2011, 2pm
I was on the 9th floor of the University Hospital looking out towards the mountains and saw a huge black/brown blimp type object floating over the front range heading north. Wife and I stared at it for 5 mins trying to figure out what in the world it could be. Suddenly it completely vanished. There is no explanation – no clouds for it to go behind, and it was in front of the mtns. Quite intense. Wish I knew what it was we saw.
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near Jonesborough, TN – December 10th, 2011 around 11pm
I was driving back to Greeneville with some friends when all of a sudden a bright flash came out into the night sky and was there about a minute then disappeared.
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Tollhouse, 35 mins from Fresno, California – Dec.10 6pm
I saw a glowing red ball low in the northern sky, staying still. I called over my teenage sons who do not believe in UFO’s. They had no possible explanation for it. It slowly went down below the horizon.
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Hazard, Kentucky – 12/10/11
ok first of all i saw nothing but there is something really fishy going on here in hazard…..ok first off a guy sees a burning object falling out of the sky at a high rate of speed….could b a comet all except for the fact he specifically stated it had flashing lights on it….the object obviously hit the ground which has caused many many ppl to report the ground shaking vigorously….also a few more ppl said they saw fireballs in the sky…..not long after the reports went out there was a huge fleet of military choppers out searching for whatever had caused the incident….the search covered an entire county pretty much and into the nearest county……first off they said tht the choppers were searching for a downed plane…then they ruled tht out after about an hour or so into the s! earch and they supposedly started searching for a mine explosion or something else tht could cause tht type of dissruption…they pretty much confirmed an underground mine explosion had caused everything….but this morning they said tht a mine explosion was ruled out as in not what has happened here tht so many witnesses have seen or heard….so if its not a plane or an underground explosion and multiple ppl seen it in the sky and felt the earth shake when it impacted and the government is so concerned about it and seem to b trying to cover it up what else could it be
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Oakland Hills, California – 12/10/11 7:30pm
Outside in Oakland Hills with husband. I always look up into the star. Seen from far far a fast flowing star/ufo moving straight line, less than a minute but I was able to get my husband to look at see the same as I saw only it was less time. It all happen less than a minute but I feel it was an UFO. Totally unexpected. I did not get a photo
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Central city – 12/8/2011
Around 8:15pm on 12/8/12 and then again on 12/10/12 just not as many it didn’t make any noise there where eight at first then they bean to just vanish one by one into thin air and then again on Saturday 12/10/2011 around 9:00pm the same thing appeared but this time there were only four and they to disappeared and both times entered from the north east moving in a south western direction I can’t even begin to explain what it might possibly be.
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Wellingborough, Northampton, UK – 16.47pm. 2nd Dec 2011
Driving home from Wellingborough area of Northamptonshire, I stopped at a junction, the sky was darkened with clouds. I was then confronted with an object that was illuminated either by lights or by the sun above the clouds which moved more swiftly than a know aircraft, changing direction swiftly. this was all visible in a gap between the clouds. The craft was either verry large or just above the clouds.
this was a chance sighting inbetween a cloud gap.
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Geelong, Victoria, Australia – 11.27.2011
Strange object was sighted flying over Geelong, this was reported in the local newspaper and debunked as remote control planes, although this footage reveals 3 red flashing orbs which still have not been explained, I have been intouch with the rc plane enthusiasts and they can not identify this object.
Youtube video link:
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Washington, US – 11/17/2011
I wanted to bring this to your Attention, i think your readers and subscribers should check it out..
There is a SHIP with ENTITY in BLACK SUIT WITH LARGE HEAD appears to be holding a device in hand/.
2011-11-17 2009-08-13 I nor anyone I was with remember the event , wich in itself concerns me. WA, US
Day trip to the mnts. 4 or 5 of us. We all felt like we werent up there for as long as the clock was saying. My brother had to get to work by 4pm. He was worried about being late all day, so I know we didnt just let it slip by. About two weeks later I was reviewing some pic on my camera and found the craziest picture. At first I wondered what it was I was photographing. The pic was just trees the side of a cliff and the sky, but when my eyes saw what I thought they saw my jaw dropped. To the right of the picture are two beings I understand you call greys. One is holding what appears to be some sort of testing device, and the other is directly behind the first. looking straight at me. creepy. I can remember the exact spot where I parked my jeep, I can remember my girlfriend asking why I was stopping, and I remember leaning on my jeep while I took this picture. I can not remember seeing it though. I havto have seen it. why else would I take a picture of the hill! Another thing! , knowone else remembers anything. I have been up there twice since. the last time was about two weeks ago. The dirt road is now blocked half way up. If you google (green mnt. road washington you will see half the mnt. when you get to the point on the road I took the picture,its blacked out. I will be going back up soon to see what else I can remember, and to see what I can find.
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Singapore – 11-04-2011
On balcony at night, a mysterious jelly-like figure was undulating like a jellyfish just above my head, though i cannot confirm the distance as i was in a state of shock. the object was circular with an inverted square. the three layers were a circular shape, then an concave cube, the top layer was a globe of light.
T. Keys
– – – – – – – – – –
Banff, Alberta, Canada – july 2010
Not sure if its a ufo but just notice in my girlfriends picture that there is something strange above the mountain!
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Detroit/Windsor area, Illinois – 2007 winter
UFO or Ghost Orb whatever it was I saw it and got two pictures. Not sure what it was… So this is what happen… In typing terms.
I was in the woods taking pictures on this path that I took everyday. It was night time and I felt like venturing off the trail a little in the woods because of the dark and just snap a couple of pictures. Then all of a sudden I seen this light comming out the corner of my eye. I turned around and saw this ball of light that was heading straight for me. It seemed as if it came out of nowhere from the trees and then wanted to hit my face or something. I don’t know how but my natural reaction was to dodge my head and just as I did this thing flew so close to my head I could hear it. It was completely silent untill it got close to my head as it past it was moving slowly and I could hear it making a light humming sound. As it past my head I was starring at it with aw. Then I realised I had my camera in my hands and I took two pictures of the object. This is what you see, its what I saw. Except the other objects I did not. The object that I saw was about the size of a softball bu! t it was glowing so bright that it actually looked bigger. It’s edges of the brighest part you could see throught it, it was transparent. The light didn’t blind me but was so pure it was really bright I couldn’t even compare it with something on Earth because I have not seen anything fly or float that even fits the description of what I saw. I was so amazing how it was silent and then scary because it tried to hit my face like it wanted something. Then went up into the tree, to be honest it’s kind of a blur what happened after the second picture, I just remember leaving the forest in a hurry. I was really shocked after. I told people they wouldn’t believe it and I felt like I shouldn’t bother anymore. But No I know what I saw and I took two pictures. It’s what motivated me to start this channel I feel like it has woken me up to how this world really is. It showed me alot how people are when you talk about things. Let me give an example, I was telling someone this story and ! a person behind me heard what I was saying and stormed off as ! if I pis sed in his drink or something. Whats up with that people are so sensitive on this subject it made me so sick that I had to make these videos. Just to talk about it all because not to many people talking about it. I feel like we need to wake up and stop being so stuck up and come together to get to the bottom of it, it seems so important. I want to know what I saw I could type forever about it I feel.
Youtube video link:
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Scottsdale, Arizona – 03/13/1997
My experience reads like this, My location was McDowell rd, on the Scottsdale side near the Botanical gardens. I noticed a row of six lights to the south east, possibly a few miles past the town of Guadelupe. Hovering about a thousand feet higher than the peak of south mountain, located to the south west of my vantage point. I was, at the time working as an air courier agent, my knowledge of normal flight patterns, Arrivals and departures, only varied in the form of holding patterns , during delays, emergencies ,or military operations. Prior to seeing the row of lights I noticed the same plane circle three times before landing finally. that, paired with the lack of any departing flights for almost 20 minutes, set the scene for safe departure of the only air traffic I was able to see. Th! e lights one by one seperated slowly from the group each light tripleing the distance from the next, as the others remained evenly spaced while moving over to stage for what i could best define as “A jump to warp speed” one then the next ect.The moment they were gone. Three fighters flew south to north, followed by a trio of enormous radar jumbos. one dead center flanked evenly by the other two skirting the horizons one east the other west. another sortie of fighters marked the resumption of normal flight traffic. that is what I saw! Anyone else? Possibly exsposing military attempts to use holographic imaging to cause mass hysteria? just a guess.
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Ft. Campbell, Kentucky – 1993
During my Noncommissioned officers training at Ft. Campbell, KY my whole squad witnesses a craft obscurred by clouds right at dusk. While coming back to our patrol based our entire squad saw what appeared as 3 lights cirling right above us. They were in perfect circular rotation. As we approached the light we could see them perfectly rotation in a circular pattern. Once we moved just beyond the rotation, we couldn’t see them. When we backed up and were directly under them they were visible again. The squad was puzzled at the lights, cause the lights were coming from above the clouds. The diameter of the rotation was at least 3 to 5 acres in diameter. The lights didn’t shine through the cloud cover, but looked like 3 flourescent glows circling inside the clouds. I served 14 years on active duty and have been around numerous military craft and none of them hover in mid-air with absolutely no sounbd what so ever. These lights stayed in a hovering pattern for over 30 minutes right above us. Some of the squad members though it was the Northern lights, but I have seen those and this was not Northern lights. The Northern lights have a wave light appearence and being in the mid-south. we wouldn’t have seen them. The only way I can explain what these lights looked like is: It reminded me of the 4 aircraft lights used in World War II, but these lights were coming from the sky pointing down. They maintained a constant circular pattern over a U.S. Army training area, so no civilian or military lights were in our area of operation. We were all young Specialist, Corporals, Sergeants, Staff Sergeants and Sergeant First Class conducting Non-commisioned officer patrols. This is the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I can get the dates of my training to help narrow the dates down to month and day, and through military schools, I can help get the names of the other NCO’s who were in the squad to verify this sighting. This was no weather balloon cause this thing was massive in diameter, no sounds and the lighting didn’t no produce any light beams that hit the ground, the lights stayed within the clouds, but were visible through the clouds, so as all the members of my squad saw them.
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