Triangle formation over Delray Beach, Florida 25-Dec-2011

UFO videos – This footage of bright lights in triangle formation was recorded in the night sky near Delray Beach in Florida on Sunday, 25th December 2011.
Witness report: Driving north I-95 between Woolbright & Atlantic Ave exits near Delray Beach, FL.

Saw bright lights moving slowly east to west over I-95. Thought why was a string of planes flying so low. Pulled over to shoulder and filmed them from car with cellphone.

Some flew out of sight and some had had lights go out.

Called my dad and mother who witnessed them from their home in Boynton Beach.
Author (source: mufon)

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  1. At about 8:30PM, on December 25th, 2011, I went out with my wife, into our back yard in Delray Beach, Florida. Our back yard has another residence about 80 – 100 feet north of where we were standing. I noticed what I thought was an aircraft to the north when two more bright red objects appeared over the roof of the residence to the north.<br /><br />I was in the USMC air-wing. I grew up

  2. Harold, I also observed these these six objects on the 25th of Dec. I live in the north end of Lake Worth close to the intercoastal. My observation occured between 8:15 and 8:23 in the southern horizon at approx. 30deg. They originated over the ocean offshore in the east, and tracked west. Their formation was a loose W, except with five points, with a sixth following about 30 seconds later. Their

  3. I saw a triangle formation on January 6th, 2012 on Fort Lauderdale. I thought it was normal as stars until i saw how one light moved to the right. When i tried to make a video two light were gone. Then, the remaining light was disappearing little by little, as if this were high. It slowly disappeared. The truth had the camera but I was so surprised that I could not record.

  4. I live near Delray Beach (Lighthouse Point) and I would love to see a UFO. My eyes are always in the sky, BUT I think this video is Chinese Lanterns. When they flicker and have no formation and then fade out…dead giveaway. Sorry

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