UFO-Like Ball Fell From the Sky to Remote Grassland

Local authorities baffled on what they had discovered in remote grassland in Namibia. A large ball, made from metal alloy known to man, has fallen from up above which prompted local authorities to ask assistance from European space agency and NASA.
Forensics expert Paul Ludik said that the metallic ball with 1.1 metres circumference was discovered in the northern part of the country’s capital Windhoek.
Ludik received reports from the locals that they heard sound from explosions days before the discovery. He described that the metallic ball measures 35cm in diameter with rough surface and appears like a round object that divided in half and welded together. He further noted that the ball has a total weight of six kilograms.
The fallen ball created a hole that was 33 centimetres deep and 3.8 metres wide and was discovered 18 metres from its landing area.
Authorities just found out through the internet that similar balls have fallen in different continents such as Latin America, Africa and Australia.
The UFO-like thing was found in the middle part of November but authorities did not disclose the discovery before examining it carefully.
High ranking police official Vilho Hifindaka assured the public that the UFO-like object is not a threat to any life since it was a hollow object and not an explosive. However, experts and police officials had decided to conduct further tests of the object just to make sure that it is not harmful to life on Earth.
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  1. This is a hydrazine bladder tank component used by NASA in jet propulsion, obviously fell to the earth from a defunct satelite.<br />Mark V.

  2. Probably a ball to make fisher nets float, sucked op by a hurrican. These balls are attached with old pieces of rope that can easily break allowing a hurrican to transport up to high altitudes. Evetually it comes down anywhere in the world.

  3. Its a governement prank to see how manny people can relate this story to the acual movie that came out.<br /><br />No really guess please understand that everything that is happening in movies is going on a 3- 6 mouth later period so that you forget about that&quot;good movie&quot; and go to next movie.<br /><br />this is real and if u dont belive me then why is the movie theaters playing more

  4. Well for something that supposedly fell from space I&#39;d say it looks in pretty good shape, not any visible damage or burn marks, and since it made a relatively small crater I would say it was more likely to have fallen from a plane , Or a UFO, in any case, I wouldn&#39;t try to open it just yet.

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