UFOs over Lake Murray, South Carolina 18-Dec-2011

UFO sightings – This footage of unknown orange objects was recorded in the sky above Lake Murray in South Carolina on Sunday, 18th December 2011.

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  1. Hehheh-Does anyone still think its Chinese lanterns? You need glasses then…Clearly Alien spaceships no doubt bout it…Yeah finally-so Earthling WAKE up NOW….

  2. I seen the same thing like a month ago its like they was racing one going in front of the other and i didnt know where to or who to tell but this is true and im in florida

  3. this is something i seen 13 years ago an its something that has never left me i can tell my story 100 times an it will never change an anybody that want to think its the army parachute Training i wish it was but we didnt have the Triangle air craft that can turn 90 degree turn in air an take off at a speed u want see its gone i have nothing to lie about people what u think is a star maybe u

  4. I live south of the Lake in Gaston,SC, and on the evening of Jan. 6 2012 around 6 p.m. I stepped onto my front porch to smoke and call my neighbor to chat. As I sat on my porch I noticed what I thought was the ISS heading SSE…until the object came to a complete stop. My neighbor, his wife, and the people at their home all saw the same thing. Suddenly four other lights appeared in the center

  5. me and my wife just saw a bright white light moving slow and thought it was a plane until it got over us and was almost no noise and there was a smaller one with a red blinking light behind it and they where to low quiet and slow to be planes… i tried getting a video with my cell phone but it woundnt even pick up the lights it would record the street and yard lights but they didnt even show up

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