UFOs over Warsaw, Poland 17-Dec-2011

UFO sightings – These unknown bright objects were recorded flying in the night sky over Warsaw, the capital and largest city of Poland on Saturday, 17th December 2011.

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  1. Why do people think these are Chinese lanterns???I see the CL`s ALL the time (living in Thailand)They absolutely dont look like this!!!?If U ever saw the CLs u would know..The Aliens are here-CLEARLY & more than ever,trying to wake you up from your deep deep "sleep"..When one read the comments its obvious that 95% still wont wake up…SAD SAD thing

  2. If the Aliens are trying so hard to wake us from our &#39;deep deep&#39; sleep then why are they going about it in such a half arsed way?<br />Surely keeping still for one decent close up day time video would do the trick.

  3. No one is saying there are no ufos that have visited the earth before or whether they are here… however, this video doesn&#39;t seem convincing. They are all floating up at a fairly uniform pace, up into the sky. They even seem shaped like chinese lanterns. And I would know, having seen them myself in Thailand.

  4. Wauw just saw the comments…!!!??? Chinese lanterns looks TOTALLY different,Im really tired of people who need glasses..Its NOT Cls whatsoever…Be serious folks open your eyes..You obviously never saw Chinese lanterns!!?I see them ALL the time (living in Thailand)once and for all..They are NOT looking like these lights.So stop thinking that ever again PLEASE…

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