Unknown lights over Marble Falls, Texas 13-Dec-2011

UFO videos – These unknown bright objects were recorded in the night sky above Marble Falls in Texas on Tuesday, 13th December 2011.
Witness report: This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Location Highway 1431 and 281
Driving to work last night 12/13/11 I saw these balls of what looked like fire in the sky. It was rainy and nasty out and I pulled over and caut them with my phone.
Not very good quality I know but the best I could describe it I would say they looked like weather balloons with fire burning inside them. Too small to be hot air balloons, and too big to be normal balloons not to mention, wouldnt fire melt them? The one think I am sure about was they had fire in them. I saw only 2 at first but then they just kept coming from over the horizon. Other cars were pulled over just as mystified as myself. I say UFO because it is true I dont know what they were but curious to know if someone has some info or news on these things??
Author (Zorce1 @ youtube)

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  1. the tri formations are my favorites wen ther ufos,i dont think its altered footage,but i think this is sumone having fun with sky lanterns,still entertaining-matt_bpd

  2. This is truly real. We had the same sighting in Georgia 14 Dec 2011. Have been seeing them since August. No way are they skydivers. Usually what accompany them are several little flashing lights that dances across the sky and then these things appear, and disappears as easily as they show themselves. No sound and no warning. Always a perfect circle. This time my sighting had more activity with it

  3. I go to an area at the Alta Sierra level and it's not far from china lake and area 51 overlooking the eastern skies over the mohave desert and for 15 years I have never seen anything strange in the skies @ 4,000 ft. with a 360 deg. view. I want to and I spend a lot of time outside looking up at night it's so clear you can see the dust clouds in the milky way galaxy. It's the most

  4. Chinese Lanterns!!!!! Sory but almost cirtainly Chinese lanterns.<br /><br />I have seen the ones that kind of look like chinese lanterns but they are much brighter, almost as bright as a welding or brazing torch and pink/gold in colour. Easy way to tell is check the wind direction and if they are folowing the same direction they are Chinese lanterns.

  5. chinese lanterns doesn&#39;t go off and on. nor do they hover in one place. nor do they make synchronized formations. nor do they change colors or flash or blink or..whatever you are in denial or intentionally misleading others if you accept the chinese lantern explanation. wonder why when the japanese report these things no one suggest chinese lanterns? oh they don&#39;t fly them only americans.

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