Bright unidentified flying object observed Phoenix, Arizona 9-Dec-2012

Third Millenium show with Jaime Maussan, Marilu Carrillo and Santiago Yturria will present to you a report about strange bright object which was recorded over Phoenix, Arizona on 9th December 2011.

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  1. not this old rubbish again thought we had seen the back end off them lights /things like this just puts people off thinking that ufo are real they wear proved not two be ufo

    • i saw this same object the morning before the 2012 super bowl 2 am. I stuck my head out the sliding glass door to hear the coyotes howling (they were rather louder than normal that night). I noticed it out the corner of my eye. the problem is i did not see it directly in front of me because of the house blocking my view. So that makes me think that this object was very low to the ground and

  2. Without multiple sightings for each single events, one cannot eliminate the possibility that repeated sights in some places may be fakes, with the purpose to develop some business.

    • i posted the second comment. i have no idea what it was. all i konw it was very low to the ground. i did not see this object coming at me because of the neighbors house. like the effect of a ship on the horizon was not there. so what ever it was, was fully capable of being a fake. but it was long and bright, low to the ground and made no sound. Iam just looking for information to what i saw

  3. i posted the second comment. i dont think it was anything like these guys with the video say it is. i was just want to know if anyone saw the same thing the morning of the big game. as i stated it was low to the ground. my vantage point is blocked by a house thats how i know it was low because it didnt come in from a distance. just appeared on a 45 degree angle. it was rather large in size.

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