15th anniversary of the “Phoenix Lights” – Arizona Governor Admits “Probably an Alien Spacecraft”

Today is the 15th anniversary of the “Phoenix Lights”. This video would is an excellent way to commemorate this special day.

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    • "BZzzzz" Wrong answer BigAdolf. This was NOT proven to be flares. It was however a good coverup story that obviously by your response, was a successful one. The many videos taken that night did not produce any flares. Take it from one who knows. You need to dig a bit deeper regarding the Phoenix lights. You might be quite surprised. You might even find evidence that will convince

    • Personaly I do not think it was that good of a cover-up. Most of us know the government (or powers that be) will go to great lengths to keep us in the dark. They think we cannot handle the truth. Why? What makes them think they know what is best for us? Who do they think they are? We have a RIGHT to know the truth!!

    • There was an entire Discovery show dedicated to the 'PL' which concluded with very strong and convincing evidence that these were flares. All the evidence made a lot of sense to me. If you can point me in the direction of equally convincing evidence to the contrary I will be only to happy to study it.

  1. to the Governor I do not doubt what he and other people claim they saw but arent we going a little too far this happens every day more and more sightings, nobody can find them, see them land locate a craft whats going our air space is being invaded? our privacy, animals disappearing I for one do not welcome the thought of a civilization like this

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