Cattle mutilations in Argentina

[direct translate from Spanish] The mutilated animals are a constant theme in various parts of the world. Specific organs are removed, wounds are cauterized and animals are found far from where they were kidnapped. This phenomenon is lately occurring in Argentina. Cases such as the Colonia La Sesteada, where 51 cows appeared mutilated, make us wonder what the aliens do with the organs removed.

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  1. Two Americans did a study on this and they concluded that it was the work of maggots.The maggots attack the exposed soft tissue first.Then they hatch and fly away, that's why no blood or tracks.I think this is more plausible than an alien anus,udder,and tongue barbecue.

  2. Nothing I guess, let&#39;s hope it is alien and not human, if it&#39;s human we are worst than I thought… Wait a minute we did worst already didn&#39;t we…??? <br />Eric

    • Maggots? Plausable, but not likely. I grew up on a farm. We had cows, ponies, and chickens. My Uncle raised sheep, milk cows and horses. I’ve seen more than a few dead animal carcasses. Maggots do not feed like this. Udders do not complely dissapear. Most of the blood coagulates inside the animal and dries and turns black when exposed to air. These animals have no blood. None. Any why would maggots eat the anus first? That makes no sense. Maggots eat whatever rots first, but there would be remainants of the organs as they feed. You wouldnt see whole pieces dissapear completely. Maggots feed on the rot, they don’t feed on one organ until it dissapears and then move on. You really should get out more.

  3. Click on the photo, you&#39;ll see the creature&#39;s eyes are removed without leaving wounds..i don&#39;t think humans or maggots can do this

  4. maggots lol really whats your IQ did you say 3.. maggots do not remove jaw bones .eyes . tounges and quarter out the anus and scrotum areas perfectly .and vets have been called out to examine and have said they have been removed by a tool that would have to have excessive amount of heat applied ..maybe a maggot with a laser lol ….these items that are removed may contain a plasma or something that these entities need for there own survival as such who knows for sure .but they are real and not done by HUMANS…google tony dodd ex police officer…human and animal mutilations.crowed skies . and then draw your own conclusion..

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