Mass UFO activity over Kings Lynn, United Kingdom 21-Mar-2012

UFO videos – New footage of strange activity seen and filmed above Kings Lynn in UK on Wednesday, 21st March 2012 around 8:10 pm.
Witness report: Wednesday 21st March 2012 at 20:10. I was watching these ships at a distance in my back garden flashing my LED torch at them, they gradually kept getting closer until this happened when I least expected it, they came right over top of me allowing to quickly film them. This ship’s design is similar to that of the Sting Ray without the tail, the others are Triangular. I now know that I can contact them, as this is the second time they’ve approached me when I’ve either called them using my mind, or in this case a flash light, but this time it was a different type of ship, not the Triangular ones I’ve been filming. There were two types here tonight. Normally I’ve been filming them over at Bawsey, but tonight I thought I would trick them by not being there, as I know they’ve been observing me, so I watched them hovering and flying over the area that I should be, and it’s as if they were looking for me. This short video is the proof that they found me, and I found them.
Author (TheJSB007 @ youtube)

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  1. Sadly, as Dr. Macke said , if you see a UFO, you are seeing either the beginning or the ending of an abduction, and it is most likely yours. I doubt they were "looking for" this person, likely they knew exactly where he/she was.

  2. If you want to be taken seriously you must filter the obvious hoaxes. The guy is under a flightpath with planes flying overhead. Either you're disillusional or the contributor is. Either way, your site muddles up the research for the serious minded

  3. Cool video..Cant you feel this is NOT FAKE?Many people could win an Oscar,if their reactions were "acting"..Clearly not acting!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I&#39;m afraid I must side with the majority above, this really would NOT prove anything to anyone who seriously looks for evidence. If everything that ou said happened did indeed happen then I&#39;m sorry but if you want to prove something seriously you must hang off until you do acquire something within reason otherwise people will soon veto you &amp; ignore you.<br />I do hope you find &amp;

  5. Cool…the guy can describe the &quot;ships&quot; as sting ray and triangular shape…to bad his camera couldn&#39;t validate his words. After all a picture says a thousand word….and the words I kept hearing was…jet plane…how can a guy spy on UFOs with all that jet noise around? It&#39;s still real…but not a genuine flying saucer.

  6. I agree, don&#39;t call them &#39;your friends&#39; until you have evidence. Don&#39;t make any speculations as to what they are – let viewers decide, and DEFINITELY NEVER say you &#39;attract them with your mind&#39; because you sound like a total fruitcake.<br /><br />The footage over kings lyn forest is better, definitely not planes/birds/satellites – I&#39;m conviced (i have seen similar

  7. Not sure if this is a hoax or a genuine misidentification but either way what you have actually caught on film is a Tornado GR4 Aircraft

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