UFO activity over Indiana 3-Mar-2012

UFO sightings – This strange object was recorded in US state Indiana on Saturday, 3rd March 2012.
Note: All 3 parts of the footage are avaliable in this player below!

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  1. Helicopter, the fading in and out due to low cloud cover. helicopter most apparent in the third vid. as it flys parallel the photographer you can see the side view of it clearly.

  2. Or…God created us and the Annunaki messed with our DNA (Adam and Eve ate from Satan's forbidden fruit) to make us better servants/workers—that behavior would define them as evil. Why would we want to welcome evil beings that only want to use us for their purposes? This man's theory seems to mix good and evil like it is all one thing. Good made us in "his image" the Annunaki

  3. This is unreal …stay inside …we had several military airplanes and helicopters flying over texas last few days i hope they are able to keep us safe

  4. we were driving in the car Monday morning around 11:00 am on Bonds Ranch Road in Fort Worth Texas i saw a huge object HUGE with bright white lights the lights were on underneath of it above the windshield i was only able to get part of it on my cell phone before it went dead i was hanging out the car window

  5. Thank you for the very interesting video. IMO, that's either one of ours testing black project cloaking tech during daylight for all to see (really? why not just test over the kremlin while we are at it?) or it's not of this world.

  6. Well folks sorry to disapoint you but the third clip gives it away. Its a helicopter, in the third clip you get a side view and the typical helicopter shape is visible. As for the vanishing part, when a helicopter turns the lights that got your attention to start with dissapear. Don't get discouraged, keep looking!

  7. This looks very similar to the one in Pittsburgh, Pa dated March 29 2011 I am on laptop looking at these in the dark I had my head beside the screen, towards the end of the video, the one from Pittsburgh, you can actually see that there are 2 seperate objects connected ——- in the center this is really, really strange

  8. ive seen something similar to your image in chicago west surburbs it was literary over my neihborhood bright lights no sound of an airplane or helicopter very creepy

  9. if, the government has covered up Roswell… and moved all the spaceships to Ohio, at Patterson Airforce Base then perhaps we are all in arms way, perhaps they want their spaceship back<br />we have a right to see evidence no closure, latest incident in Phoenix whats going on

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