Alien Invasion – US Military Has Plan!

What would we do if earth was invaded by aliens?

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  1. what a joke. I have seen many such scenarios. they always assume some aliens coming down to ground level. if they are coming from thousands of light years away or another dimension, this would be unlikely. they would have the technology to eradicate us through disease, weather, or a single blast from energy that we may never comprehend.

    • perhaps even a simple thing like changing the earths axis and magnetic variance, wait a min isn't that already happening!! Looks like the joke is on us!

    • I agree with anonymous(Apr9,2012 07:13 AM). But i also believe that aliens are already here on Earth! Now what better way to find out about us,and our vulnerabilitys,than to live among us! Think of us inserting "spies" in Russia during the Cold War.To live amongst your enimies,without being known,is the GREATEST of all worlds,no pun intended.As they study us,and find OUR vulnerabilites,

  2. Wow. just cant beleive how far the government goes to turn everything around, who says they wouldnt be here for our advancement if we actually are so called one with everything in the galaxy. when they have continually lied to me and my people before what makes me even want to listen to something that implements fear among the masses?i think ill decypher from here on out myself. thank you, you

  3. we.d have no chance against alien invasion always maintained thats what revelations in the bible applied to not conventional wars am not religeous person but with countless ufo fleets sighted recently think governments worldwide should get heads together president reagan mentioned it in his speech to congress in mid 80s liked the topic & truth.

  4. wait for it… they are bringing this kind of subject up slowly but surely to ease the shock factor, but when we're all comfortable our government will protect us from invasion they will execute another 9/11 (inside job) style "emergency war with aliens" and world government will be put into place for protection and unity sake. The heads of the NWO are no doubt eager to take their

  5. i think the military have'nt got a clue, 1, they judge any aliens by their own (stupid) standards, if an alien spieces wanted to wipe us out all they would need to do is throw a few big rocks at the earth, we would'nt know what hit us, the entire military machine of earth would be compleatly useless. 2, any spieces that can transverse the vast distances of space are probably beyond

  6. The Nazis had this technology since the 30-40's… Reconstructing a Vimanna When all the so called aliens come to attack us. Make sure to check out the cockpits of one of their crafts if it goes down. I say this because it would be possible that the US has reversed engineered these and may use a staged attack just like 9/11 to gain access to what they want. In this case it's to form a

  7. I dont know if it would happen not saying that there isnt life out their but if they did come i realy dont think we would have much of a chance of defending our selfes.. Anyway if there is life out there im sure there are plenty of resources on other worlds we have already used up most of ours not much left for anyone else.

  8. I am in Sydney and this was on Nat Geo the other night. <br />The full presso&#39; is two hours long and quite worth the time spent in front of the screen.<br /><br />Albeit the more depressing side of contact…..I did find the balloon assault on the mother ship a little far fetched.<br />What? <br />Extraterrestrials leave the doors on the under side of their craft open?<br />I saw nothing in

  9. hahahaha yet again america claiming there here to kill us all bull shit if they did they would of done it by now !! fucking clowns !!

  10. oh please dear god dont let anything happen to our planet ive seen these things 2 inches from the Sun i dont know if we can survive an alien attack many men will fight to save us if we are attacked and we should bless them

  11. Why are Aliens are always assumed to be a threat?It&#39;s a terrible &amp; shameful assumption.They may arrive &amp; may also shockingly show humanity what Peace really is!

  12. To the person who said the aliens would have wiped out the planets&#39; inhabitants thousands of years ago: every civilization has disappeared at some point in time. The question is how?

  13. We send them a gold disc saying &quot;Welcome&quot; in over 100 languages then when they come we plan to blast them? WTF?

  14. What can one say… *shakes head*… i think they would have blasted us away allready if they wanted to, besides i believe they are (most of them) good guys and gals. Preparing for this &quot;possible&quot; war is like cave men setting up catapults with burning wood in them preparing to fight our modern military! Also I think &quot;war&quot; to the aliens is kinda out dated and &quot;last century

  15. Alright if the Aliens really wanted to kill us why wouldn&#39;t have long ago during Anchient Time…I think they are peace within, because it talks about in the bible. What if the goverment evil and Aliens are good… What if the goverment knew this the whole time and that why they made up this hoax of a story and plan on attacking if they come. What if we became peace with these Aliens to

  16. Ok folks as a member of the mighty U.S. military I&#39;m here to say that if Aliens come with hostile intent then were screwed!! But its always the military&#39;s contention that they will hostile, thats the military way of thinking! I bet the aliens are in their mother ship looking down at us then looking back at each other say &quot;OMG really!!&quot;. In a lot of ways we are still a hostile,

  17. @wehillusa:<br />I agree! Another thing is that i understand if the military kinda looks at foreign things as a treath until the opposite is proved. Thats fair i guess. I only hope &quot;they&quot; wont be stupid enough to attack the aliens before they have a chance to introduce themselves.

  18. the government lies about everything,ufos are absolutely real its past time intelegent people stand tall stop being afraid of ridecule and realize we live in a galctic community always have.The governments explanations of sightings and crashes is embarresing and lame if you wish to remain ignorant and lied to be my guest,but the truth is the world we all live in is much different than we have

  19. Why would they attack us? They created us. The evidence of this is everywhere. Open your eyes! Don&#39;t just live in fear, see the world with an open mind and you will know the truth.

  20. Aliens are species who are simply different than us not Stupid..They may be different but there is no reason for them to Destroy or attack us..Coz in a while we ourselves will destroy each other so they don&#39;t need to do the Task..People will do it…Its not the Aliens we should fear..We should fear Humanity and its nasty Destructive Inventions capable to wipe an entire Continent..Aliens

  21. if we ever try to fight them or throw an attack, they&#39;re gonna trash us severely, it will jst seem as if a small kid fighting with his/her father.

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