Laredo Paranormal Research Society and the investigation of UFOs

[direct translate from Spanish] The Paranormal Research Society Laredo is a society run by Ismael Cuellar, who have special infrared technology with which they have been able to record excellent images of UFOs. Here’s a great video recorded October 23, 2011 that could not have been filmed with common equipment. They have a unique mode of putting a projector for all to see which is being captured in real time.

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  1. Hey,<br /> I see everyone has found ways to record UFOs<br /><br /> Someone needs to come up with a way to take these things out of the air – I don&#39;t care if they are from earth or another planet, it would only help everyone to know the truth if someone was able to shot one of them down.

    • so many people have recorded sightings its good to know so many people out there care we have to get to the bottom of this

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