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Your UFO reports: 21st April – 28th April 2012
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Athens, Greece – 28th April 2012, 11.30pm
My brother and i were leaving my dads house when my brother noticed something extremely bright in the sky almost at a 45 degree angle that seems to be within the earths atmosphere as it was so bright it directly reflected on a cloud! I took my camera out as i am a filmmaker and decided to zoom in so we can figure out what it was after seconds of filming the oddest thing appears…it was in the air hovering for at least 10minutes, left and then came back..this went on for about an hour and then both the bright round circle and the UFO disappeared
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Bonsall, California – 11:50 pm April 28th 2012 and at 12:40pm April 29th 2012
Last night i saw a triangular shaped ufo i could see the sillote of it and it had lights that would each get brighter and flash who would flash on each end and then to the next corner it flew accros the sky above me for a long while then an hour later it went back the way it came it first flew fron the east and went north then it came back the opposite way i live in a place were theres not very many house and i may have been the only person looking up at the sky last night but i know what i saw and it wasnt anything close to a plane
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Plymouth NH beech hill rd – april 26 at about 830 pm
we were out side smoking. the sky was clear and not many stars were out yet. Over the tree line we noticed a flashing light unlike anything i have ever seen . It kept changing from what looked like red to blue and the lights looked as though they were spinning around the outside. they reminded me of the banners in time square that tell the news. the ufo hung in the same spot for for about 10 min then started to drop closer to the tree line. it moved with great control at a speed so slow that with out a reference point you might not notice it moving at all. it then began to move back up and faster into the sky. we watched it take off. the lights turned all white at this time. it grew smaller and smaller. then hung over a new place. there it stayed for quite a bit of time so we went inside again we came back out 30 min later and it was gone.
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New Albany, Indiana – 4/26/2012// 8:53
I was outside and i was putting away my BB Gun, and as i came out of the Garage I pretty ,uch Blacked out and i came back. I had a feeling of excitment and fear. I have seen UFO’s before so this is not my first report. Something was saying to me “Look Up!” so i did. When i looked up there was nothing but then i saw an Orb shaped thing. It began flashing and I thought it was a Quasar or Pulsar, but then everytime it disappered it would reappear about 2 or 3 feet away from where it was. Then it stopped stood completly still, and then in the blink of my eye about 9 or 10 other orbs came out of the center. The formed and Octogon Type shape and began spinning and changing colors in a specific order. Then all the sudden they stopped practically frozen. The next thing i know is the obs go back into the original orb and it shoots off. I blanked out again and the next thing i know the orbs are directly in front of my face. I had a voice in my head telling me ” Touch it! Touch It! Quick!!” so i reached out and it shoots off as fast as lighting. I blanked out once more. Now i have extreme fear, excitment, my skin feels like it crawling, and im very jittery.
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Russia, Tyumen region, Tyumen city – 24.04.2012 at 8.35 pm
I noticed through the window at sunset around 8 35 Moscow time, a double halo and filmed it bpri detolnom examination I noticed a flying object quickly cut him out of the total video.Snyachalo I thought it was a bird of some help but I was able to measure the tool priblezitelno minimum speed which is too large of animals or insects.

Youtube video link:

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My home Lake county, Illinois – 11pm til 12am, 23-Apr-2012
11 pm let the dog out looked out and saw 5 lights in a row.thought nothing of it other than it looked like a plane. We have small jet and prop planes co Ing thru here all the time. Around 11:10 pm let the dog in and noticed the lights were still there. Walked outside looked at phone it was 11:13pm. Lights didn’t move . Two inner ones were blinking redish, outside lights white.went got my wife she looked and said it was a plane . My response , it hasnet moved. She went in didn’t care. Stood outside for 5 more minutes went back in to get a coat and shoes went back out it was still there no change. went back in the house around midnight . Don’t know what it was . Will look tonight.
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North Seattle – 4/23/2012 9:43
My dog was barking, I walk outside and see the brightest light I’ve ever seen in the sky. It hovered for over and hour slowly moving to the West and disappeared and reappeared instantly, continually. I took a picture of it and when zoomed in the image is remarkable. Speaks a thousand words.
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Mesquite, tx – 4/23/2012 around 4:15 a.m.
I couldn’t sleep so I stepped out onto our balcony to get a smoke. I kept hearing a weird bird, that I have never heard before. I don’t know if it had anything to do with it, but it was still strange. I happened to notice, what I thought at first was a plastic grocery bag in the air. Then I realized there was no wind and it did not look like anything I have seen before. There was no sound of aircraft, nor could I see any wings flapping. It had a dark center with a u shaped white arc around it. I only saw it for about 10 seconds before it went behind the roof of the next building.
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Las Vegas deep S.W. area – 04-23-2012
Hello. Last night around 9:45-10 pm myself, and my Whole Family witness a very large and strange UFO object. Was in green flashing color and was changing the shape from round to elliptic, even with some “extra” upper “tail” such as an extension* on the top*. Using my home binocular (not very strong), we used to be able to see a bit better. Inside my small binocular the shape was kind of circle with very many (lot’s of) small and flashing* different* color spots***. I called the Nellis Air force Base at 702-652-1110 and 702-652-4484 and 702-653-2273 and the officer said to me “enjoy the show”. Then I called again to one of our local TV channel 8 7020792-8888 The guy told me “we’ll see what we can do”. I’m so sorry I don’t have strong enough binocular attached to a camera in order to send you my short clip. The object was still in the sky for easy 15-20 min. then went down (behind the mountains) after 10 pm. Please let me know of you know something about that. Thank you very much.
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Salem, Oregon – April 22 8: 00 or 9: 00 pm
I step outside for a smoke when I notice something moving above me in the sky it was one ball of light that suddenly turned into two literally coming out of the first one then flying separate ways then out of no where they disappeared it was amazing im still tripping on what I saw
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Ledbetter, TX – Saturday night 4-21-12
My husband and I saw lights just like these Saturday night 4-21-12……. He was at the house in Ledbetter, TX and I was driving back from Houston headed west on Hwy. 290….he called to ask if I could see the orange lights in the sky… that moment I couldn’t, but when I made the curve on Hwy.290 by Round Top Road I could see 3 of them crossing Hwy 290 up ahead of me (was about 10-12 miles from Giddings)…..I pulled over to the side at the cross street (Prospect/1291) in Ledbetter, I could see 5 or 6 more just ahead and above me…I put my windows down and put my head out to look above me……they were moving slowly…..about the speed of a helicopter but there was no sound….normally you can hear a helipcopter from pretty far off when they come over…..very mysterious…..they continued past me flying south across Hwy 290..When I got home (which took only a few minutes) my husband said he had stood out on our upstairs deck and watched them then called me…….he said he shined a spot light in their direction and the lights faded away. I’ve been online looking at all kinds of reports about orange lights in the sky and found the you tube video and that is exactly what they looked like…….some reports say they have been seen several nights in a row in the same location…..we are going to watch again tonight….maybe I can get a video….I’m going to charge the video camera and be ready……….UFOs?????

Flo & Bob
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Orick, CA – April 20, 2012 11:30 p.m 
My friend and I have recently joined our local LARP community, which takes place every Friday night from 11-12. In the midst of all the action, while I was searching for Lord Camamole I stopped and was awestruck by what I saw. A blue orb of light flew across the sky in the matter of seconds. At first I thought it was a shooting star but it was moving to slow, it was a little bigger, and it was very blue. Then Lady Petunia said, “Did anyone else see that Blue flash?” and that’s when I was sure, I just experienced my first UFO sighting. 
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San Marcos, TX – April 18, 2012 11:20pm CST
A co-worker and I were outside talking for about 15 minutes when I started looking around and something in the air caught my eye. It was a dark triangle shape with round edges moving NE. By the direction it was flying, it was easily determined that it flew directly overhead as we were talking, but we heard nothing. It had no lights on it, but we could see it had somewhat of a reflective bottom to it because we saw the city lights’ reflection. As we were watching it we saw another further away flying towards the same direction as the original. Same size, shape and very reflective. It all happened in a matter of 5-6 seconds before it disappeared behind a building so I had no time to grab my phone and snap a photo. They were traveling quickly and looked as if it was floating. I originally thought it was a floating plastic bag, but it was way too big and was triangular shaped. We both saw it and tried debunking it but could not. It was something we have never seen before and something we will never forget. I’m just glad he was there and saw it too because our other co-workers would have probably thought I was crazy!
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Bentonville, Arizona – 4-11 3:40 a.m.
last year my mom had a paper route that started at 1am to about 4:30 every night,one night i was delivering at a apt complex on said date/time,i was relieving my bladder when i got this weird vibe in my right hand and i looked around,and straight up,then i notice a light traveling from behind me forward,and another,and another,about 5 or six in total in straight line formation,traveling southbound,the creepy part was how i noticed it was sorrounded by a huge dark shadow,i would say it was the size of a city block floating above me a few miles above my head!!also the night was super quiet no noise at all..i remember looking down and back up and still seeing it,i remember i was at work a few days later,and was thinking about it hard and i had a small panic attack and had to go home early,thats how much of an impact it made on me.
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Dana Point, California – mon.,4-9-12 11:30pm-11:45pm
A bright orange glow looking like a planet but sitting low in the sky like at helicoptor height stayed brightly glowing but not moving with the late full, moon rise. the objest stayed glowing for about 7-10minuets then diminished into a smaller and smaller light until the object came to a pinpoint of light then disappeared. diminished like a planet does in the sky. 5 seconds later the planet like object appeared again and repeated the same event. took a photo but forgot to save an my cell phone. reported to the local police.
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Perth W/Australia – 17 March 2012. 0855 am
On the Saturday morning if I recall it was the 17 March 2012 I was sitting in my front courtyard facing north having my morning coffee. When I first looked up at the moon I saw two lights that I thought were two stars. The moon was a half day moon sitting due west at about 10 degrees from above my head. The star/light to the left being brighter was west south west direction from the moon, left over my shoulder. The smaller star/light was north north east of the moon.

I regularly gaze at the stars and thought one may be Venus, be it odd that stars would be out that late, some 2.5 hours after sun rise. I went inside and returned with my 1000mm binoculars. I set them to full focal length which would allow me to see the craters on the moon and thus Venus. The star to the north position when I looked had moved 70% closer to the moon which I thought strange so I focused immediately on that light. So my thoughts quickly shifted to a high altitude parachutist. The concept of it being a parachutist grew when I looked through the binoculars and could see a half round shape of a very small white light. Thinking I should wait a couple of minutes for the parachutist to drop further thus I could see him, I continued with my coffee. The concept was reinforced again 2 minutes later when the light had moved west of the moon then continued very slowly around the moon until it was on the same side of the moon in the same direction as the brighter light. I looked again but this time the light was smaller and I could not make out any shape at all.
Several more minutes past when I again looked up. By this stage the light had moved south west of me and nearer the brighter light. At that point it grew in brightness by about 60% so I looked again. I turned the focal position back half a turn and what I saw astounded me. It was a craft. It was somewhat crab shaped with what appear 2 streamlined torpedo shaped tanks contoured either side and into the body of the craft.It was a very bright shimmering white and I mean very bright not unlike looking at an object through a microscope and the back light is magnified, almost ghostly. The shimmering was like a high frequency mirage but none the less the shape was clearly definable. The tanks as I would call them were as I said, shaped like torpedo’s the ends rounded in a similar design. My first thought was I was looking at an experimental craft. My reason is the tanks being rounded at the ends suggests they were designed for aerodynamics which I would have thought would be an earth based design concept. Further both lights were hovering in a line between me and the naval base at Garden Island. However what I was looking at was well above 30,000 ft and was larger at that height than the cockpit of a commercial airliner, which I have viewed through my binoculars many a time. I watched it hovering for about 5 minutes then turned my head down to rest for a couple of seconds, I looked up again and both lights were gone.I never looked at the brighter light, I was engrossed in what I was looking at.
I don’t have a conclusion as like anyone who lived through the very busy UFO period of the late 60’s to mid 70’s when we were convinced the Russians had developed such craft and as it turned out no such craft existed, I’m reluctant to speculate. But I do know this, it was a very high tech piece of equipment. It was for the best part flying well above 40,000 ft and disappeared very quickly. It was not a weather balloon, it was not a parachute and it was not a conventional aircraft and this is no story.
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Los Angeles, Nevada – 3.1.2012
You guys your my favorite site, look at the end of this video, this is honest ly one of the best videos ive ever seen and I recorded it, look at the pics at the end. I know Im a Jew but who cares! I love this UFO!

Youtube video link:
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Centurion, Pretoria – December 2012
2 of them. Orangey-red lights (airplanes legally must have green and red navigation lights, 2 white strobe on wing tips, a rotating beacon (red flashing) light at the top, and landing lights must be on below 10,000 feet.) These were just orange lights flying in formation with each other. Me and my dad KNEW they were not airplanes as we lie right on a STAR (standard terminal arrival route – the route each aircraft must take down to the runway) and we know what speed aircraft typically intercept the ILS approach into joburg intl. I saw them and showed my dad. Then I grabbed the camera and binoculars inside and took a gaze at them… It sounds cliché but when I looked at them they looked like 2 disks (I almost thought it was the moon for a second) they were clearly 2 disks with the red-orange lights in the center and you could see the light diffusion and reflection on the surface of them.. Wow it was amazing.. They came from the west bearing east and they travelled quite fast (in relation to the airplanes 250kt speed limit in the airspace) and then they stopped and seemed to travel straight up.. Until their lights faded and we couldn’t see them anymore..
Youtube video link:
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Ilkley Moor, UK – 29th .8.2011
myself [sue] my hubby robert,dids a friend ,val,john ,go to ilkley moor in the spring and summer,i like ufo watching and have a number of pics and vids .the others come with me for the break and walking the dog,dids is a little more interested than the others ,fear being the main factor .anyway we were out walking and i told dids tto take some random pics of the serounding moors,i also took some .i asked dids to load on his p.c he did not do this .3 weeks later we met up again in our caravans and i asked dids if had loaded the last lot of pics onto the computer,he had not done so because he said he was not sure how to do it on his lap i asked him to give me his camera and that i would do it,he gave me his camera and i looked them over on his small screen ,i then noticed a pixelation change on two of the pics so i zoomed in and there inbetween the rocks were two little creatures, we were, well i was anyway .estatic about the pic.we went home the next day and i could not believe my eyes when i loaded these pics up,i went on to post to a ufo site unc they told me they were birds smews to be the word,i also sent an e mail to shila aliens and told her what we had taken on the pictures ,and she replied yes aliens can climb rocks,did not take our offer of the original pic nothing .i emailed back and said am sure they do climb rocks but in 2011 in bradford ????we we got fed up of people thinking we had done this or somebody else had stitched us up.none of this is true i am 53,my hubby 63.dids is 45.val 67.john 60.what we took was there on the moors unseen by us and picked up on camera.we are not a lot of lonely old folk looking to big ourselves up. we all have large familys loads of grandkids hectic lives with lots of love and laughter we dont need to start makeing stories up.i also had an abduction in 2010.but i dont tend to tell some folk because they think your a loony .i told my doctor that i see ufo and aliens he sent me to see a then shows how closed minded the people are in all walks of life .
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State hiway 115, 5-1/2 miles south of Harrisburg, SD – Feb. or Mar. 2010 approx. 5:45 a.m.
I was on my way to work in Canton, SD. When I neared the place where a tree farm is located along hiway 115 I could see lights coming across the sky from the west. I always look carefully as I drive thru this spot on the hiway because of deer crossing alot. These lights were red-amber in color and were triangular in shape. I had time to stop my car along the side of the road, exit and watch as a very large triangle shaped craft passed overhead slightly in front of where I stood at the side of the road. It was low perhaps 1000-1500 feet overhead and traveling at a constant rate of speed and probably not more than 50 miles an hour, as I watched the craft 2- 3 minutes from first sighting until it was far enough away to not see well.
This craft was large, very dark triangular outline. It had all red lights which were constant in their glow. I remember thinking to myself if it is some type of jet or commercial craft it isn’t making the airport in Sioux Falls before it goes down as it was going very slow. Although I could see a very distinct outline I would discern what depth, if any the triangular craft had. Even though I knew I had seen something unexplainable I went to work and have only mentioned it to 2- 3 friends in the two years since it occured. I would like an snswer for sure.

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Central Nebraska – early 2002 sometime after 9pm
I wish i had pictures or a video. When I was in high school, my best friend and I were driving around on country roads in rural nebraska (we didn’t have much to do) There wasn’t a cloud in the cool night sky. Something caught our eye… it was a bright light in the sky. We couldn’t tell what it was, but we decided it wasn’t a star and it wasn’t a plane so I drove closer to it. As we got closer the light became brighter and more visible. The light became clearer as we got closer. The light was actually 6-8 lights in a very precise circle pattern hovering in the sky. We estimated it was no more than a few hundred feet in the air. At our closest point we stopped the car to get out and look, shut off our headlights so we wouldn’t be noticed. No more than a few seconds after we got out of the car the lights moved very smoothly and took only about 4 seconds or so turn into a “V” pattern. Once it was in the “V” the object flew west so fast… it was out of our sights in less than 20 seconds. Really spooked us but nothing had become of it even though I watched the news for similar sightings but apparently no one else saw it.
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Eastern Ave. Covington, Ky – July 2009
I was sitting outside of my Mom’s current place, My mom, her boyfriend, and I were having a smoke. I was standing and talking to them when I began to stare at these three lights across the licking river. I even told them to look “are those UFOs?” and began laughing. As I stood there fixated on the lights, horror struck. They really seemed like they may be. We started naming objects they could be, but nothing seemed right. There were three distinct lights. They started all apart. The middle light was the brightest throughout. The left light started fainting, and disappeared all together. The middle and right light combined into one. Then it disappeared completely. We watched the News that afternoon, and nobody had reported it. I believe to this day that those lights were indeed UFOs.
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