Top 10 UFO Sightings Caught on Surveillance/Security Cameras

Author Bio: This article was written by Raghad Rabah, with 2MCCTV, supplier and integrator of security and surveillance cameras and full systems nationwide.
There are countless videos online that claim to reveal sightings of UFOs across the globe. Many people will say that some are fake and some are real. Who knows? That’s for you to decide. But regardless of their authenticity, most are quite intriguing.
I work for, a company that distributes surveillance cameras, so I thought it would be fun to scour the internet and build a collection of UFO sightings caught on… you guessed it, surveillance cameras!
So without further ado, enjoy these Top 10 UFO Sightings caught on security and surveillance cameras.
10. Unidentified Beams of Light Caught on Security Camera
This is a short clip taken from a time framed security camera which shows one small laser-like light shooting across the sky and then a larger, thicker beam following right after.

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9. UFO Caught on Surveillance Camera – Fukushima Reactor
It’s hard to tell what this thing is, but I did notice around 0:16 where it shoots out this puff of smoke behind it. Does that mean anything to you?

8. UFOs Over Romania News Reports: Captured On Security Camera
This clip is in Romanian, of which I do not speak, but the video footage appears to have been captured with a person’s residential surveillance camera. You’ll see white orbs in the sky, certainly “unidentified”.

7. Slow Moving UFO Caught On Security Camera
Here a security camera catches a white light moving fairly slowly across the sky. I’m not sure what it looks like to me, but I will say that it does NOT look like a plane, helicopter, or anything you might normally see emitting light in the sky.

6. UFO Video Shot at Nellis AFB from 1995
Taken in 1995 by a security camera at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, this footage shows a very oddly shaped moving object in the sky. It gets closer as the video progresses.

5. UFO – Russian UFO’s On Surveillance Camera
This is footage taken from a surveillance camera in Russia from 2009. It’s interesting that the first light you see in the sky (with some sort of light wave tail thing…) is followed by another light, seemingly moving at the same speed. You can see about 1 ½ minutes into it some guy spots it and they all go over to look at it.

4. UFO Spotted Using a Police Security Cameras (Edinburgh Scotland UK)
This was captured using a controllable police security camera. Here you’ll see a slow moving dark object in the sky spotted in the UK. It’s pretty creepy with the music in the background…

3. UFO Over Jing Xian, China. CCTV- 4 News Reports
This is all in Chinese, but I imagine they are simply saying that they don’t know what it is. Although technically this wasn’t recorded using a Security/CCTV camera (CCTV in this case meaning “China Central Television” vs. “Closed Circuit Television”), I still thought it was a good one to include on the list.

2. UFO NASA’s Unexplained Tether Overload Incident
There was a “tether” that broke off a space shuttle in the 90’s that was miles long. This is a recording of the broken tether floating in space taken from another space shuttle. You can see lots of unidentified flying objects floating around it, with strange movements.

1. Space Shuttle STS-80 UFO Sighting
Watch closely on this video shot from the space shuttle mission “STS-80”, as a ring of UFOs appear. You’ll want to watch this one a couple of times.

I put this up as #1 as I thought it was the most intriguing. I don’t know about that goofy guy talking at the beginning, saying things like “They are saying to us, Look at us… look how clever we are…” referring to the terrestrial beings operating these UFOs, but I will say that it’s very difficult to describe what it is your seeing, especially at the end when you see a light appear in the middle of the formation.
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  1. I agree with him that they were trying to get our attention. We need full disclosure, imagine the possibilities for technological advancement!

    • the technology is what the government doesnt want us to have "free energy" The worlds controllers oil gas electricity food are controlled by 5 familys if we discover free energy through a breakthrough technology the big 5 will collapse even politicians live off these enormous energy bills we all pay without all the energy expense we pay they would be broke they will never let us have

  2. There is a lot more of the STS-80 videos if you have not seen this yet the title to search at You Tube is &quot;UFO, Never Doubt Again&quot;.<br /><br />There are many unknown &quot;maneuvering&quot; objects in the clips.The video shows an object at the end of the video holds a fixed orbit in the upper atmosphere,the astronaut even zooms the camera in as the shuttle orbits away.I can`t see that

  3. very good proof of other types of intelligence taking over our skies all over our world surveillance cameras don,t lie .

  4. Re: STS-80, always amazes me. I&#39;ve seen sat images showing very small targets from orbit. These images are very clear and detailed. Seems the public always gets to see the lesser quality images when it comes to the space program. I wonder why?

  5. That Nellis sighting is the shizzle. Defo top 10 ever sightings.<br />Eh thats a good idea lets have a top 10 greatest sightings ever.

  6. we will never get a disclosure until they have drained every bit of information they can out of this phenom for their military purposes and withholding information about upcoming disasters so we will be thinned out by it and be easier to control. so my advice is to prepare bunkers, store food and supplies and definitely store a gas mask for emergency purposes because our u.s. government knows

    • I agree with you when I was a kid my friends father has a well in his yard like a wishing well. Anyhow to make a long story short his father started digging in the yard with a backhoe a blackhawk flew over the yard with a loud speaker telling him there was an undergound military installation and to cease digging<br />Strange Bellingham MA…..

  7. Don&#39;t be fooled by offers of technological advancements, check out and keep an open mind. They do want us to see them.

  8. These are the best ones chosen from all the crap that is out there trying to make UFOs look like hoaxes. It&#39;s impossible to deny these things but the governments know that it would change the entire direction of our world. There would be no more powerful and greedy robber barons out there to make money off of everyone. They&#39;d have to bend before a greater civilization than the one they&#

  9. What gets me about all of this is that the government will allow video in courts as proof against a defendant, but will pass this type of solid evidence off as &quot;lanterns, or other anomolies&quot;. I don&#39;t get it…seems as if they do whatever is convenient for them as long as it is in their favor.

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