Triangle UFO over Russia 13-Apr-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This triangle-shaped UFO (possible Tr-3b?) was recorded in the night sky above Russia on Friday, 13th April 2012- exact location is unknown.

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  1. very impresive footage amazing how one of the three lights flares and vanishes….wonder what the hell this is…. myself and my girlfriend saw something similar about a year ago in ireland but had nothing with us to record it was nearer than this one to us we stoped the car directly under it and it changed direction as if to avoid us and shot off into the horizon ….very strange…

    • i agree not ballons or lanterns…just as creepy as Sitgreaves national forest take a drive through there sometime and get out of your car and just stand there for a minute is extremely creepy, quiet for a National forest and the air is so cold

    • I saw a giant black triangle craft with orange/red lights on each corner and a pulsating one in the centre underbelly in august 1997 in liverpool about 10.30pm on a saturday bank holiday,it went right over the city centre and headed out towards the irish sea,iam sure other people must have witnessed<br />this apart from myself(i was lying on my bed looking<br />out of the window torwards the

  2. there is going to come a day when this is going to esculate into something we need to be better we need to be ready stay calm leave the area i dont think if they are her,e for the betterment of mankind

    • Ofcourse they are here to teach us something.Just be open and a good person ALL the time.Then it cant go wrong..The state of our planet is terrible and we need new ways—obviously…

  3. amazing just gliding across the sky at will and still no authority investigates. Only mean they were watching the same thing on radar.

  4. in the Dallas Fort Worth area we both have noticed some very strange clusters of stars out recently i would say the last 2 months there is one red star then a brighter white one in the center then a green one below it i have no idea what this is i always noticed stars to be white in color and very bright

  5. i love tri-forms i replayed the part were one of them flashes bright and disapears- i feal strongly that one of the three ships in formation did a &quot;jump&quot; -this video is a decent quality so if it wer a LED balloon i didnt see the LED rig fall to earth after it popped and from the flash i wouldnt think it got wrapped with the popped ballon so im ruling that out – i dont belive they are

  6. Good work comrade!<br /><br />Excellent camera work, focus, and context provided.<br /><br />If TR3B&#39;s are of human origin, who is building them? Flying them? It seems like they&#39;re everywhere — is someone building them for sale? If it is an American corporation, how do the Russians have one?

  7. Just seen the same thing on May 18th 2012 in the United States!! Location Pleasant Lake Indiana.. Same thing and same color was shape as a triangle. Instead of one disappearing 2 did at the same time then few mins later the last one disappeared.. Was very bright! Wished I would have taped it…

    • they are just checking out the realestate,,,it will be really cheap after dec 2i 2012 ,,,,,,put some wd 40 on your credit card and have a good time while you r able … ALL THE BEST FROM CANADA


  8. I find it unusual that the Russian military doesn&#39;t deploy aircraft to investigate these triangular lights. Either it is a military craft or a UFO that the military is unwilling to get near to.

  9. This is similar to the one I saw earlier this year in Ontario, Canada while I was waiting for a bus. I submitted the sighting here. I forgot to mention that whatever it is I saw remained stationary in one position so I was sure then it couldn&#39;t be an airplane, and it zoomed so fast diagonally, and again stayed in the same stationary position. Also I noticed it wasn&#39;t anything metallic,

  10. I saw this same kind of ship from my balcony a few years ago.(south Poland)It was closer ( about 300- 400 meters) and flight has been quick.<br />This is a big triangle ship with bright light at corners and dark red light inside…

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