UFO lights over Tucson, Arizona 31-Mar-2012

LUFOS – This strange footage of unknown lights hovering in the sky above Tucson in Arizona was recorded on Saturday, 31st March 2012.
Witness report: 0.0 Just recorded this over the past couple of hours.. I saw my target (the stationary light/ufo(?) over the palm tree and I figured it looked abnormally bright and I’d like to see what became of it, without having to sit and watch it’s boring arse. And as soon as I set up the tripod and walked away, the OTHER anomalous lights began to show up. Good thing I was already back in side my place, otherwise I prolly would have ruined the video by taking it off the tripod and goin nuts with the zoom n stuff ;P
Author (Sheilaaliens @ youtube)

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  1. more and more sittings as I had seen last fall, almost the same except one thing that I have been watching for and that was the very bright orange plane that was hovering over me that made no noise and no wind from this craft. The only place I have every seen info about this info is that come from the mother craft. This very bright orange we only the height of an average pine tree that we have

  2. very intresting almost seems to be a morphing tri form – the large object in the center of the shot seems to track like a planet as the video progresses (thers an object that looks to be a star up high but if you observe as the camera is being set up it is a lens flair) – the other objects after multipule times watching seem to be headlight reflections from cars turning – just imagine them your

  3. I live in Tucson and thee were no joke. They were doing crazy stuff in the sky. I saw two of them slowly coming together becoming one<br /> . Then I saw one were it would appear. Then dissapear. It continued this until suddenly in a blink of a eye it morphed into a regular plane or helicopter.

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