Chemtrails: still an unexplained phenomena

The introduction to a new theory: Are we preparing a weapon against UFOs?
Part I
Danny Contreras

Have you looked up to the sky recently? If you have, chances are you’ve personally witnessed streak after streak of white smoky trails left behind by jets flying high in our earth’s stratosphere. Presently, there are several controversial and conspiratorial theories which have evolved around these trails. There are two existing classifications known as Contrails and Chemtrails. Contrails, being the more familiar of the two are naturally formed by water vapor inside of an airplane’s engine and left behind as a streak of frozen water droplets, as the plane thrusts forward. Chemtrails, however, are in the middle of scientific and civilian debate, and unlike contrails, are not as easily explained. Chemtrails and its elements combined with HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) can be used to create a powerful atomic type explosion in the atmosphere, which can bring down any aerial vehicle, including UFOs.

Contrails (Condensation Trails) like car emissions contain Carbon Dioxide which dissipates and disappears quickly into the atmosphere, not expanding into blankets of clouds across the sky. Chemtrails (Chemical Trails) do not dissipate or disappear as quickly. They can remain in the sky for hours spreading from thin trails to thin sheets of blanket like makeshift clouds. Chemtrails are being witnessed throughout the world, including restricted airspace such as over Washington DC. What are the skies being prepared for?

See the full documentary “What in the world Are They Spraying”

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  1. Ok here is what I think about chem trails. I think ufo`s are doing it to protect us form what is about to happen. Planet X is coming and the pole shifts not to mention sun burst. I think they are doing something to save the earth from what is about to happen. They need this planet like we do apparently or they would not keep coming around. Will know soon. 🙂

  2. I am glad this topic is getting more attention, whether you believe it to be chemtrails or contrails. The fact that this is on your blog and is creeping up on so many other sites as well is hopeful that there is an awareness beginning to happen. And with awareness comes questions. Question people, look up, learn all you can. You don't have to be a conspiracy pusher or overreact, you only have

  3. 1/ Major companies such as weapons,oil,pharmaceutical,and so on should be run by Governments and not private companies.<br />2/ If a person wanted to be in government and a leader of nations, they should under-go lie detector and every other way of detecting the truth on WHY they wanted to be in government. 95% want to be in government to fill their own pockets and most likely work (undercover)

  4. Are you talking about the same U.S. government that runs the post office, the IRS, doesn&#39;t know how to win a war in two countries, doesn&#39;t know how to avoid simple terrorism? <br /><br />THAT U.S. government? <br /><br />Suddenly the U.S. government can do something competently?<br /><br />Today&#39;s jets are bigger and shaped differently than when I was a boy a hundred years ago. What

    • Well if your American that&#39;s your Government, with all it&#39;s secret agencies that have no conscience in killing anyone, even it&#39;s own people for profit, and that&#39;s a danger to the whole planet. THAT U.S.GOVERNMENT

  5. chemtrails have always been intresting to me but i havent realy researched them to much – my take on them if they are real an advanced anti air technologie seems to fit the bill and the goverment could be trying to keep sensitive or high traffic areas under protection and in the event of a ufo apearance they could attempt to down the craft with triggered reactions to the chemical<br /><br />who

  6. My honest opinion? <br /><br />Make this video viral.<br /><br />Do a little research. Test the aluminum levels.

  7. I live in &quot;flyover country&quot; … The city of Wichita, Kansas. We are the airplane makers of the world. I am all about conspiracies and UFO&#39;s…. This subject however is STUPID !! I don&#39;t intend to offend, I only intend that people that believe this natural occurance of vapor to be some stupid chemicals being sprayed from what … Passenger Jets? My grandpa&#39;s Leer Jet ??

    • I agree with you 100% this topic is nonsense, people pick up on something so stupid and go on and go about it when all it is is water vapour.<br /><br />here is a link <br /><br />yes wiki but to be honest every REAL scientical site conducting tests on contrails will say the same thing.<br /><br />dont stress over water hahaahahahahaha

    • Yes, it has to do with the altitude, you&#39;re correct. However, chemicals such as Barium and Aluminum will not stay in the air, they will come down, they are metals. This is why the water is being tested and this is what is being found. Have you seen how bad it is in Hawaii? I think you should research a bit more, then you can make up your own mind. Being airplane makers does not mean the gov

    • It&#39;s people like you who have your head up your ass and believe what your told from the U.S Government, is the reason WHY they DON&#39;T Disclose anything, just in case it scare&#39;s you

  8. I believe that the solar flares that are going to climax this year as warned about by NASA in 2011, are the real reason for the spraying of Aluminium , and ithe strontium and barium are used in conjunction to help suspend the nano partials in the atmosphere, the reason for this is is to keep it in the stratosphere for a long period of time, the reflective qualities of aluminium is apparent to us

    • I want to thank you for such an intelligent and coherent response! Your theories intrigued me. It is refreshing for someone to actually contribute rather than just name call. Thanks again, and I hope to hear more from you.

  9. @ Mr anonymous at 6.18 pm…….<br /><br />You are obviously a very sensitive bunny, so I would recommend that you don&#39;t log onto this sort of website because you might scare yourself to death. People are allowed to have opinions about different subjects and should be able to put forward their theories, so until the truth of the matter is discovered, perhaps you shouldn&#39;t call people

  10. Chem trails are not contrails.<br /><br />If they are harmless the world government would be the first to tell us how cleaver they are to save the people from what ever they suppose to be preventing or curing the atmosphire off.<br />They are allowing fluride in your water and Aspartame in your soda and sweet drings and gum and tell you that Co2 is bad for the planet. Can you really trust them

  11. In my opinion they are covering the sky when UFO are around .This is a cover up.Is not time for us,,the little people,, to know yet.

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